Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake

Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake Vietnamese Fried Banana Cake is one of the most favorite traditional sweet cakes for its amazing taste. The cake is smelling, crispy, light sweet and a little greasy. Originated in Vietnam’s countryside, the cake has cheap and popular ingredients and simple recipe. Main ingredient is banana and wheat flour, rice flour. Honey, […]


Vietnamese Fish Pie

Vietnamese Fried Fish Pie

Vietnamese Fish Pie Mother Nature gives Vietnam a lots of fishes which play an important role in the country’s cuisine for good health and great taste. Made from fish meat, Fish Pie or Cha Ca is a favorite food in Vietnam. There are many kinds of fishes (featherback fish, basa fish, king mackerel fish, tilapia fish, trout fish…) which […]


Vietnamese Mid-year Festival (Tet Doan Ngo)

how to eat banh xeo or vietnamese pancake  tracy do

Vietnamese Mid-year Festival or Tet Doan Ngo Every year on May 5th of the lunar calendar, some countries China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam have Mid-year Festival. In China, on this day, they celebrate a festival called Dragon Bloat Festival. In Vietnam, the festival celebrated on May 5th is called Tet Doan Ngo, Worm-killing Festival or Vietnamese Mid-year Festival. […]


Vietnamese herbs

Balm Mint Or Tia To In Vietnam

Vietnamese herbs Vietnamese herbs play ant important role in Vietnamese gastronomy. Herbs not only confine to food’s textures, aromas, tastes but also expand to unique combination and freshness. In addition, similar to other kinds of vegetables, herbs contains high-level of vitamins so that they are very good for your health. They can help to protect human body […]


Death Anniversary in Vietnam

Death Anniversary in Vietnam – A Custom Of Vietnamese People Most of Vietnamese families celebrate death anniversaries every year. Death anniversary in Vietnam is a ceremony offering rice to dead person’s soul. Most of Vietnamese people believe that after passing away, human beings still exit soul parts. They think alive people eat and drink, either […]


Saigon Cao Dai Temple

Saigon Cao Dai Temple Ho Chi Minh City is place gathered lots of big religions in which there is Cao Dai religion. Each region has a temple to worship its gods and show its theory. Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, we should not miss the opportunity to visit Thanh That Sai Gon (Saigon Cao […]


Saigon Food Culture

Mixed Rice Paper Sold On Motorbike In China Town Saigon

Saigon Food Culture If you love foods and culture, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) must be your next destination. This city’s culture is very rich with lots of unique cultural parts including food culture. Followings are special characteristics of Saigon food culture: 1. Foods at local market Modern supermarkets have been in Vietnam for a long time and […]


Vietnamese Fried Roll (Cha Gio)

Vietnamese Fried Roll Vietnamese Fried Roll (Cha Gio) was listed in Top 50 Most Tasty Dishes in the world by CNN in 2011. It’s one of 12 Vietnamese dishes recognized as Top Dishes of Asia Record by Asian Records. Cha Gio is a traditional Vietnamese food which is made from simple ingredients but has special taste. It has […]