Crab soup cake (Banh canh cua) – a delicious Vietnamese food

Vietnamese people love to eat noodle soup which are everywhere at restaurants and at street food stalls around the country. The most famous noodle soup is Pho – the national dish of Vietnam. There are various kinds of noodle soups such as Hue noodle soup (Bun bo Hue), Bun rieu (Crab noodle soup), Clear rice noodle (Hu Tieu)… […]


Chau Doc Rice Noodle Soup with Fish – a Speciality foods in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is a peaceful region where people are very kind and friendly. Mother Nature gives them many fresh fruits, fishes, animals and vegetables which can be used to cook delicious foods. Have you ever been in this beautiful region? Have you ever tasted foods in Mekong Delta. I’m going to introduce you Chau Doc Rice […]


Hidden Saigon in the morning

5 reason

It’s the best starter once you hit Saigon to join a by motorbike tour through the city with our beautiful guide in early morning. You will wake up your senses with the morning sights and sounds of Saigon in the morning and enjoy a different day by falling in line with locals. Anyone who travels to Saigon may be surprised by the crazy […]