Cu Lao Dung boleophthalmus boddarti

Mekong Delta, including Soc Trang province has hundreds of fish recipes thanks to a big system of rivers and channels with an abundant number of fishes. Some of famous fish recipes are Braised Pseudapocryptes elongatus with black pepper, Braised siamese mud carp with sugar cane, Braised Luciosoma with fat and green onion, Braised goby with black pepper, […]


Specialty foods in Soc Trang – Part 1

1. Dai Tam purple star apple Purple star apple grown in Dai Tam commune, My Xuyen district, Soc Trang province is famous for smooth and sweet taste, thin bright purple skin, small seeds, and nice smell. The harvesting season of Dai Tam purple star apple is from November to January in the lunar calendar. Dai Tam purple […]


Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with magenta leaf

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake (Banh tet) is a traditional cake which plays an important part of Vietnamese cuisine and culture. It is not only eaten on normal days as snack, breakfast or supper but also cooked at important events (birthday party, death anniversary), festivals including Tet – the biggest festival in Vietnam. Banh tet is popular […]


Can Tho Hot pot with Fermented fish

Hot pot with Fermented fish

Hot pot with Fermented fish (Lau mam) is an authentic dish in Mekong Delta. It characterizes the rich cuisine as well as the unique culture of the region. All of the ingredients (meat, shrimp, fish, various vegetables) to cook Lau mam are easy to find in gardens, fields, rivers, channels, and ponds. According to many foodies, Can […]


Sau Tia plump wine

Sau Tia Plump Wine

Mekong Delta is full of fruit orchards with high-quality fruits. Local people have created many fruit wine recipes such as Grape wine, Myrtle wine – a specialty of Phu Quoc Island, Malpighia glabra wine, Musa balbisiana wine – a specialty of Ben Tre province, Sau Tia plump wine – a specialty of Can Tho city which are favorite of many people. Made from An […]


Can Tho Duc Cake

Savory Duc Cake With Shrimp And Pork

Can Tho in Mekong Delta is famous for beautiful sights, unique culture, a network of rivers and channels, immense fruits orchards, Ninh Kieu Pier, Cai Rang floating market, exotic foods, etc. The scenery of Can Tho women who wear conical hats, hang street food shoulder poles with Duc cake (or Banh duc) has become familiar with many local […]