List of Vietnamese foods

Noodle dishes Soup cake (with crab/fish cake/duck/pork leg): Bánh canh (cua/chả cá/vịt/giò heo) Soup cake (Banh canh) is a noodle soup but it isn’t called noodle soup because it’s different from other Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth of some Vietnamese rice noodle soups is clear while the broth of Soup cake (Banh Canh) is gelatinous. The […]


Hue sweet soups – must-try foods in Vietnam

If Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is famous for the 36 old streets and guilds, Hue – the ancient citadel of Vietnam is famous for 36 delicious sweet soups. Coming to Hue, travelers have chances to admire the beauty of the citadel, tombs, pagodas, temples, rivers and enjoy tasty dishes. Sweet-tasty and sweet-smelling Hue […]


Kidney bean sweet soup – a Hue royal dessert

Kidney bean sweet soup

Kidney bean sweet soup – a Hue royal dessert was once exclusively served to past emperors and royal families of the Nguyen Dynasty because this dessert is refreshing, healthy, comfortable, and delicious. In Vietnam, we call this dessert Chè đậu ngự, Che dau ngu. It has been said that Kidney bean sweet soup is as elegant as Hue […]


Hue Me Xung candy

Hue Me Xung Candy

Me Xung candy or Sesame candy is an essence of Hue cuisine. Vo Que – a famous Vietnamese poem wrote: “Thơm tho mềm dẻo ngọt ngào Mè vàng bột nhuyễn ôi chao! Tuyệt vời! Món quà xứ Huế em ơi Kẹo ngon mè xững tặng người tình chung” (“Smelling, tender, chewy, sweet Yellow sesame, well-kneaded […]