Van Phuc Silk Village in Hanoi, Vietnam

Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc Silk Village or Ha Dong Silk Village (In Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City) is a trade village having developing history a long time ago. The products of Van Phuc Village have gone into poetry, music, Art like the cultural beauty of Vietnam traditional trade village. The ancient books that are […]


5 most traditional trade villages in Mekong Delta

traditional trade villages in Mekong Delta

The Mekong River Delta has an interlacing river system and fat land. However, 300 years ago, this place is still wild land region, many ethnic groups such as Kinh, Khmer, Champa come here to make a fresh start. Therefore, the culture here is very wealthy, diverse and has its specific. In process stabilizing life, trade […]


45 Best foods in Hanoi – Part 1

1. Pho noodle soup (Phở) Pho noodle soup is well-known as a specialty of Hanoi, the national dish of Vietnam, a must-eat Vietnamese food. Eating Pho noodle soup is the first thing you should do in Hanoi. A bowl of Pho noodle soup can warm your stomach and satisfy your taste. Pho noodle soup is everywhere […]


A Saigon street food tour in Co Giang street food area

Co Giang street food area

Co Giang Street and its neighboring streets in District 1 is famous for lots of street foods stalls which were established tens of years ago and serve very exotic Vietnamese street foods. Saigon foodies call this area Co Giang street food area. Because this street food street is located in the center of Saigon, you […]


List of Vietnamese foods

Noodle dishes Soup cake (with crab/fish cake/duck/pork leg): Bánh canh (cua/chả cá/vịt/giò heo) Soup cake (Banh canh) is a noodle soup but it isn’t called noodle soup because it’s different from other Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth of some Vietnamese rice noodle soups is clear while the broth of Soup cake (Banh Canh) is gelatinous. The […]


Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh

Fried shrimp roll

Fried shrimp roll – a specialty of Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is one of the most favorite traditional foods in Quy Nhon province, Binh Dinh province of Central Vietnam as well as the entire country. They call Fried shrimp rolls Chả ram tôm đất or Cha ram tom dat in Vietnamese. The smelling finger-sized […]


Button top – a specialty food of Central Coast Vietnam

Button top

Button top (Ốc ruốc, Oc ruoc) is a species of sea snail which has solid, rounded shell which is up to 2 cm wide. It shows a glossy, highly variable and colorfully patterned exterior. Button top looks like cloth button. They are abundant in Central Coast Vietnam. Button top is a valuable gift from the sea to local people. […]


Don – a specialty food of Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Don a specialty food of Quang Ngai

Don a specialty food of Quang Ngai, Vietnam. It is similar to baby clam but its shell is in yellow or light black. In Vietnam, Don only occurs in 2 big rivers in Quang Ngai province: Tra River and Ve River. Don lives in the rivers, at the mouth of the rivers, and on the river […]


Young green jackfruit salad – a specialty food of Central Vietnam

Young green jackfruit salad

In Central Vietnam, there is a beautiful folk song which says: “Ai về nhắn với nậu nguồn Mít non gửi xuống cá chuồn gửi lên” The folk song can be translated into English as below: “Anyone return to hometown, send my message to my partner Send young green jackfruit, I will send back flying fish” Young […]