What to see at Saigon local market?

Saigon local market

Saigon local market In Ho Chi Minh city, there are about 300 local markets which are familiar places for locals buy fresh fruits everyday. Most of Saigonese people who are not very busy love to buy products including fresh meat, fishes, vegetables at local market in the morning. It’s a big miss if tourists don’t visit […]


Vietnamese stir-fried creeper snail with coconut milk

Vietnamese stir-fried creeper snail with coconut creme

One of the most special part of Vietnamese cuisine is eating snail which any foodie traveling to Vietnam should not miss. Vietnamese stir-fried creeper snail with coconut milk is favorite snail dish of lots of local for its fragrant smell and delicious taste. It’s a perfect blend of crunchy creeper snail’s meat, creamy and greasy coconut […]


Mid-autumn Festival in Vietnam

Mid-autumn Festival in Vietnam There are many traditional festivals in Vietnam such as Tet Festival, Mid-Year Festival… The Mid-autumn Festival in Vietnam known as “Tet Trung Thu” is the second famous big festival after Tet Festival. It is organized on fifteenth day of the lunar August when the weather is the best during the year with […]


Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Sweet Cakes

15 Traditional Vietnamese Cakes – Sweet Cakes There are a wide range of traditional Vietnamese cakes you shouldn’t miss when you visit the country. Main ingredients of many delicious Western sweet cakes are wheat flour, cheese and butter. Most of our favorite sweet cakes are made from glutinous rice, rice and/or glutinous rice flour and coconut […]



Cha Tam Church (officially known as the Church of St. Francisco Javier) is an old church built in 1900 and completed in 1902. Many people said that this was the only church in the city decorated like Chinese temples’s style. History Looking the Chinese Vietnamese Christians had no places to pray, Admiral Lagrandière who was […]


Differences between Western culture and Vietnamese culture

Vietnam is located in marine center. This is one of main reason making Viet Nam affiliate with other countries easily. However, the differences still last. Understanding them is a very important thing. It helps us avoid cultural shocks. Following is the list of basic differences  between Western culture and eastern culture as well as Vietnamese […]