Life in Mekong Delta Vietnam

life in mekong delta Vietnam

A complex network of rivers and channels, rich delta and unique culture are Mekong Delta’s characters which has attracted lots of tourists. Mekong Delta Vietnam is the region in Southwest Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through its distributaries. From Cambodia, Bassac River – the main distributary of Mekong River flows to the west and Mekong River […]


Lotus – the national flower of Vietnam

Lotus - the national flower of Vietnam

Lotus – the national flower of Vietnam. Flowers make the life of humans more interesting. Talking about flowers, Vietnamese people usually talk about lotus. Four fold song sentences any Vietnamese people also cures to know by heart: In the pond rammer, nothing is nicer than lotus, Green leaf, white flower with yellow pistil in the […]


Water Lily In Mekong Delta (Bông Súng)

Water Lily In Mekong Delta

Water lily (bông súng – bong sung) is grown popularly in ponds, lakes in pagodas, temples and gardens in Vietnam for its beauty and easy to grow. It’s also used as medicine and foods.  Its stem is airy four-celled tube floats, adapts itself to the depth, and stiffs in shallows. Dishes with water lily stems are specialty foods of Mekong […]


Full Moon Festival In Saigon In The Past

Besides the Tet (Vietnamese New Year), the Full Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn Festival) is the second biggest festival in our country. Mid-Autumn is the day when the moon is at its brightest in a year. In that spirit, people worship the Moon Genie, promote culture and familial love. At the festival, Vietnamese people enjoy mooncakes, […]


Butter Fried Quail In Saigon

Butter Fried Quail in Saigon is one of most famous street foods here, which is sold in small rolling metal cart. However the best Butter Fried Quail known by most foodie in Saigon is a small restaurant Co Nam at 56 Dong Nai street, District 10. The restaurant is opened since 5 pm daily and […]


Saigon At Night & In The Morning

Saigon at night Saigon at night is a beautiful thing that makes people have been here always keep in their mind. Different from the hustle and bustle city during the day, Saigon becomes splendid and charm with sparkling lights. The city is covered by a colorful twinkle coat of skyscrapers, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, street […]


Street food shoulder pole on Saigon streets

Locals or foreigners? You’ve been living in Saigon for a long time or just come here? Have you ever spent a full day to get around Saigon? Walking along the streets in the sun and stop at a cafe because it rains suddenly, it’s an interesting experience. Starting from Tao Dan park, we drove along […]


Drive Motorbike Around Saigon After Midnight – an Amazing Saigon Motorbike Tour

In tourist’s eyes, Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) is a hustle and bustle city during the day but it becomes splendid at night. Experiencing Saigon when the sun still shines is not enough to understand this beautiful city. Let drive motorbike around Saigon streets to find out how Saigon is after midnight. I’m sure that […]