Top Drinks In Ho Chi Minh City

Chinese Herbal Tea

Anyone who has been in Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) must never forget the extremely hot summer. There are many ways to beat the scorching on these days. The best way is grabbing a cool drink on Saigon street. Which drink would you like to drink to quench your thirst in Saigon? The following […]


Drive Motorbike Around Saigon After Midnight – an Amazing Saigon Motorbike Tour

In tourist’s eyes, Ho Chi Minh city (or Saigon) is a hustle and bustle city during the day but it becomes splendid at night. Experiencing Saigon when the sun still shines is not enough to understand this beautiful city. Let drive motorbike around Saigon streets to find out how Saigon is after midnight. I’m sure that […]


About us – Saigon Motorbike Tour

Scooter Saigon Tour offers Vietnam best private motorbike tour and shows you the city like nobody else can – private tour, hidden gems, delicious foods, quirky history and amazing photo opportunities. What’s more, as entertaining and friendly individuals, all of  female guides of our private motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh city are passionate about their […]