What to Highlight


  • Hidden history:
  • Hidden life:
    • Slum area where is home to very poor people;
    • Floating market on Saigon river;
  • Hidden parts:
    • Local market in alleys;
    • The biggest flower market in Saigon;
    • Fruit and vegetable market;
    • Motorbike accessories market;
    • Lantern market, pet market, Chinese medicine market, fabric market;
    • Fashion street, antique street, painting street;
    • Ghost building and its story;
  • Refreshment:
    • Hidden cafe & learn how to make cup of coffee in a very special way;
    • Fresh fruits chosen by yourself at the market.

Start time:

Let’s start your private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike at any time you want.

Price: 680,000 VND or 30 USD

Why choose this tour?

You may have joined a Sightseeing Tour and visited most tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. But not all about Saigon, there is a hidden city inside the Saigon you see on crowded main roads. It is a huge network of back alleys, twisting behind and between the borough’s buildings. Back alleys are home to major Saigon people who live in narrow houses and have unique life style. On our Saigon Sightseeing Tour by Motorbike you will have chance to explore this unique part of Saigon where there are many things to do. Have you heard about the biggest flower market hidden in a small streets and its alleys, the wholesale fruit and vegetable market with all cheap fresh products? A driving around special markets and special streets will show you an unseen Saigon.

One of hidden stories we would like to tell you is about the burning monk Thich Quang Duc and his unburn heart. Instead going to tourist attraction, we will take you to Thich Quang Duc memorial which most sightseeing tour miss.

In the city, there are hundreds of slums which are made from metal, plastic sheets, wood… along canals which are heavily polluted. You will see by your eyes how the poorest people live in the city. We will draw a sharp contrast of Saigon where the rich is far from the poor only one footstep.

Do not stuck in District 1 like other tourists but see less-wandered districts to see hard gems that most of them don’t know about and couldn’t be found on any guide book. Our Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike tour will take you to all corners of Saigon and helps you to maximize your sightseeing time by reducing the time traveling the city. Why not enjoy your day in Ho Chi Minh city on the back of the motorbike with our nice and talented tour guide?

Please Call/SMS/Viber/WhatsApp us at +84961815768 for more information, request and book quickly without deposit.

Let book our Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike and pay us at the end of the tour!

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What Included


  • Free hotel pickup and drop off;
  • Bottle of mineral water;
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel, high quality open-faced helmet, rain poncho (if needed);
  • Foods & Drinks mentioned on tour program;
  • Pictures from your tour (emailed to you later).