What to Eat in Hoi An? – part 1

What to Eat in Hoian?

Hoian is a must-visit in Vietnam for the unique ancient town and rich culture. Hoian is also a paradise of foods that make you satisfied. What to eat in Hoian? There are enormous foods you shouldn’t miss but I can only list top 10 Hoian foods in this post. Let’s see what to eat in Hoian with me.

1. Hoi An Steamed Rice with Chicken

Steamed Rice with Chicken in Hoian - what to eat in hoian

In Vietnam and other countries around the world, Steamed Rice with Chicken is popular and there are diverse ways to cook it. Hoian Steamed Rice with Chicken (Com Ga Hoi An) recipe get complex flavour and great texture. To make Com Ga Hoi An, the cook must use the best rice and fry on a pan with oil, salt and turmeric powder. Then the rice is steamed with chicken broth instead of water. The steamed rice is stirred with garlic to make it more smelling. The main dish is topped with shredded boiled chicken, chicken organ, pickled onion, herbs. As you can see in the photo, the food is served with green papaya salad, chicken organ soup, chili paste, lemon piece and chili. Com Ga Hoi An is a perfect mix of the steamed rice, boiled chicken and chicken organ, salad and soup. This is the first food I’d like to recommend to any tourist coming to Hoian.

2. Cao Lau

Cao Lau Hoi An

Caolau appeared in Hoian ancient town in 17th century when Hoian port was opened for business. Caolau noodle is a perfect blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. It looks simple but it needs time, patience to cook. The rice to make the noodle must be the best and soaked in mix of water from Ba Le well and ash of a special tree in Hoian. That’s the reason why the noodle is yellow and tender chewy. The broth is enough to mix the noodle with toppings (shrimp, pork, chicken) and green vegetables. Locals tell me that they eat Caolau because it’s not only delicous but also modest.

3. Steamed Wheat Flour Cake, Banh Vac (White Rose)

White Rose (Banh Vac) - what to eat in hoian

It has been said that a French came to Hoian and tasted Banh Vac. Falling in love with the savory cake that looks like elegant white rose, he called it White Rose. Banh Vac is a kind of dumplings made from two thin round rice paper and a small shrimp and pork ball in the center. The rice paper’s edge is translucent white, chewy and warp after being steamed. There are many steps to make the cake such as filtering and purifying the water from Ba Le well, making the dough, molding the cake, making fillings, steaming and making the sauce… White rose is served with crispy deep-fried onion, chopped green onion and dipping sweet and sour fish sauce.

4. Banh Dap

Banh Dap in hoian - what to eat in hoian

Banh Dap is one of the cheapest but the most delicious dishes in Hoian. It’s just a tender chewy round wet rice paper and a thin layer of peanut oil and chopped green onion  in the middle of 2 crispy Vietnamese grilled rice crackers. The cake is served with a very special dipping macerated shrimp and fish paste. To eat, dinner use his hand to push the cracker onto the plate and make an interesting sound.

5. Stir-fried Baby Basket Clams with Crackers

Stir-fried Baby Basket Clams with Vietnamese Rice Crackers

Baby basket clam is a healthy ingredient and very popular in Central Vietnam, especially in Hue and Hoian. Coming to the ancient town is a big chance to enjoy fantastic Stir-fried Baby Basket Clams with Crackers. The baby basket clams is topped with peanuts, fresh smelling herbs and crispy deep-fried shallot. Just use a spoon to put clams and others onto a piece of Vietnamese rice crackers and tuck in. You’ll feel the amazing taste ever.

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