What to eat in Phan Thiet

  1. Pop glutinous rice cake (Bánh cốm sữa)

Pop glutinous rice cake (Bánh cốm sữa or Bánh cốm hộc in Vietnamese) is a specialty cake of Phan Thiet province. The cake is made from pop glutinous rice which is called No in Vietnamese, sugar, ginger, and pineapple. The cake is the essence of Phan Thiet cuisine. It is not only a favorite snack but also an offering to the ancestors. Going to local markets, mothers, grandmothers, sisters in Phan Thiet do not forget to buy some Pop glutinous rice cakes for the children in their families. It is also a familiar food at Tet festival in the province.

No is glutinous rice which expands and puffs up when heated. In Phan Thiet, they make No from Phung glutinous rice or Huong glutinous rice which is sticky and fragrant. The glutinous rice seeds should be dew-wetted before heating. To make No, they put the seeds into a very big pan on a big oven. The pan is covered with a big lid with a hole. A tool which looks like a long broom is used to stir the seeds continuously while cooking through the hole on the lid. The seeds are cooked until they are peeled, expand and puff up. They put expanded seeds into big flat baskets, remove the husks.

There are two kinds of sugars which can be used to make the cake: white granulated sugar and jaggery – traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar. Phan Thiet people prefer jaggery to white granulated sugar. Pop glutinous rice cake made from jaggery is more delicious. Jaggery is a concentrated product of cane juice without separation of the molasses and crystals. Vietnamese people call jaggery Duong tan, it is usually used to cook a wide range of dishes in Central Vietnam including Phan Thiet province.

To make Pop glutinous rice cake, cook jaggery with water, some lime juice until thickened. Add chopped ginger and pineapple. Then stir the liquid continuously until bubbles which are small as sand appear. Leave the liquid for a few hours before mixing with pop glutinous rice. The ratio of sugar to pop glutinous rice is 14:10. The mixture of No and the sweet liquid is formed into rectangular prism or cylinder shape. The mold should be soaked in water for a half day, washed carefully before using. They usually mold the cakes at night and dry the cakes under the sun on the next days to make sure the cake has the best taste and smell. When being dried, the cakes are put on big flat baskets and covered with cloths to protect them from insects and dust. After drying, pop glutinous rice cakes are wrapped in colorful plastic paper and decorated with paper flowers. This kind of traditional cake can be stored from 1-3 months.

If you have a chance to visit Phan Thiet, do not miss tasting some delicious Bánh cốm sữa and buy some to bring home as a great gift to your family and friends.

  1. Bánh rế

The coastal Phan Thiet city of Binh Thuan province is not only famous for dishes from seafood but also Bánh rế (or Banh re, Re cake)- a simple traditional cake which has won the hearts of most locals and travelers. Once eating the tiny, round, crispy, sweet, greasy Banh re, you will not forget it. Although Banh re originated in Ninh Thuan province, Phan Thiet people with skillful hands and creative brains of have changed the recipe and turned the cake into a specialty food of the city.



  1. Xôi vò bánh chiên
  2. Khaoi lang hầm


  1. Bloating-ferned-shaped cake
  2. Quai vac cake
  3. Can cake ăn kèm xíu mại cá kho
  4. Vietnamese pancake
  5. Bread and char sew
  6. Phu Long Question cake with pork organs


  1. Cha lui Hàm tân
  2. Chả nướng
  3. Nem cha nuong
  4. salad ốc giác
  5. Dishes from butterfly lizard con Dong


  1. Sticky rice paper roll (Banh trang cuon deo
  2. Roll with rice paper and fish cake Chả cá cuốn bánh tráng
  3. Bánh tráng mắm ruốc nướng
  4. Bánh tráng chấm mắm ruốc
  5. Chả cuốn





  1. Fish
  2. Loi fish with onion oil (Ca loi xoi mo)
  3. Khô Cá Ó Sao
  4. Atherinidae salad (Goi ca suot) silver-side
  5. white sardine (Escualosa thoracata) salad (Goi ca mai)
  6. Ostraciidae (Cá bò hòm)
  7. Fried Mackerel cá thu chiên chấm nước mắm
  8. Deep-fried snakehead wrapped in rice paper


  1. Rang muc nuong
  2. Grilled dried squid
  3. Cuttle fish egg trứng mực hấp
  4. Tôm vỗ
  5. Cua huỳnh đế
  6. Ghẹ xanh


  1. Tha hot pot
  2. Hot pot with ocean crab
  3. Tha hot pot
  4. Hot pot with Ostraciidae lẩu cá bớp
  5. Hot pot with fish



  1. Quang noodle soup
  2. Quang noodle soup with duck
  3. Beef noodle soup
  4. Soup cake with fish cake
  5. Chicken rice
  6. Com tam


  1. Thanh long


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