List of Vietnamese foods

Noodle dishes Soup cake (with crab/fish cake/duck/pork leg): Bánh canh (cua/chả cá/vịt/giò heo) Soup cake (Banh canh) is a noodle soup but it isn’t called noodle soup because it’s different from other Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth of some Vietnamese rice noodle soups is clear while the broth of Soup cake (Banh Canh) is gelatinous. The […]


Ginger cake – a specialty food of Soc Trang

Ginger cake

Ginger cake is a traditional cake of Khmer people in South Vietnam. The cake is not made from ginger but it looks like ginger. So that it is called Ginger cake or Banh gung in Vietnamese (“banh” means cake, “gung” means ginger in Vietnamese). Khmer people call this cake Num-Kho-Nhay which means ginger in Khmer language. The […]


Me lao – a specialty food of Soc Trang

Me Lao A Specialty Food Of Soc Trang 2

Soc Trang – a land of beautiful and romantic sights; indigenous and kind people, rich culture and cuisine. Soc Trang province in Mekong Delta is famous for many delicious dishes from main dishes to desserts. Delicious cakes such as In cake, Pia cake, Ginger cake, Me lao have attracted lots of local people and travelers […]


In cake – a specialty of Soc Trang

In Cake A Specialty Of Soc Trang

The diversified cuisine of Soc Trang is a mix of the rich Khmer, Chinese and Kinh cuisines. Soc Trang is famous for many delicious cake recipes including Pia cake, Cong cake, Shrimp crackers and In cake. In cake is white and round, it is not only a favorite cake of many Soc Trang and Vietnamese […]


Nuoc leo rice noodle soup in Soc Trang

Nuoc leo rice noodle soup

Nuoc leo rice noodle soup (Bun nuoc leo) is a specialty of Khmer people in Mekong Delta. Consisting of the broth, rice noodles, toppings , Bun nuoc leo could be served as a meal. Bun nuoc leo is very popular in most of the provinces in Mekong Delta. However, it is said that Bun nuoc leo is originated in Soc […]


Rice noodle soup with pepper in Soc Trang

Rice noodle soup with pepper

If you come to Soc Trang, you will have a chance to enjoy various specialty foods including main dishes, desserts, and snacks. A bowl of Rice noodle soup with pepper (Bun tieu gio) will fill and warm your stomach, give you much energy after a long day traveling the province. In comparison to other kinds of […]


Cu Lao Dung boleophthalmus boddarti

Cu Lao Dung Boleophthalmus Boddarti Specialty foods in Soc Trang

Mekong Delta, including Soc Trang province has hundreds of fish recipes thanks to a big system of rivers and channels with an abundant number of fishes. Some of famous fish recipes are Braised Pseudapocryptes elongatus with black pepper, Braised siamese mud carp with sugar cane, Braised Luciosoma with fat and green onion, Braised goby with […]


Cylindrical glutinous rice cake with magenta leaf

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake

Cylindrical glutinous rice cake (Banh tet) is a traditional cake which plays an important part of Vietnamese cuisine and culture. It is not only eaten on normal days as snack, breakfast or supper but also cooked at important events (birthday party, death anniversary), festivals including Tet – the biggest festival in Vietnam. Banh tet is popular […]