45 Best foods in Hanoi – Part 1

1. Pho noodle soup (Phở) Pho noodle soup is well-known as a specialty of Hanoi, the national dish of Vietnam, a must-eat Vietnamese food. Eating Pho noodle soup is the first thing you should do in Hanoi. A bowl of Pho noodle soup can warm your stomach and satisfy your taste. Pho noodle soup is everywhere […]


A Saigon street food tour in Co Giang street food area

Co Giang street food area

Co Giang Street and its neighboring streets in District 1 is famous for lots of street foods stalls which were established tens of years ago and serve very exotic Vietnamese street foods. Saigon foodies call this area Co Giang street food area. Because this street food street is located in the center of Saigon, you […]


List of Vietnamese foods

Noodle dishes Soup cake (with crab/fish cake/duck/pork leg): Bánh canh (cua/chả cá/vịt/giò heo) Soup cake (Banh canh) is a noodle soup but it isn’t called noodle soup because it’s different from other Vietnamese noodle soup. The broth of some Vietnamese rice noodle soups is clear while the broth of Soup cake (Banh Canh) is gelatinous. The […]


Hue sweet soups – must-try foods in Vietnam

If Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is famous for the 36 old streets and guilds, Hue – the ancient citadel of Vietnam is famous for 36 delicious sweet soups. Coming to Hue, travelers have chances to admire the beauty of the citadel, tombs, pagodas, temples, rivers and enjoy tasty dishes. Sweet-tasty and sweet-smelling Hue […]


Top 3 Hanoi desserts in the winter

Hanoi desserts

It has been said that Hanoi people eat Glutinous rice dumplings (Bánh trôi) in two periods. In March, they eat Glutinous rice dumplings without syrup (Bánh trôi khô). When the winter begins, Hanoi people eat Glutinous rice dumplings in syrup (Bánh trôi nước, Bánh trôi tàu). Besides Glutinous rice dumplings in syrup, they also serve Mung bean sweet […]


Vietnamese mixed sweet soup (Che thap cam)

Vietnamese mixed sweet soup

There are hundreds of sweet soup recipes in Vietnam. Vietnamese mixed sweet soup (Che thap cam) which is made from many ingredients is the favorite dessert of all ages. The highlight of Mixed sweet soup is the perfect mix of various ingredients including red bean, mung bean, peanut, taro, sweet potato, agar agar, green young glutinous rice, […]


Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup (Che cu sung) 

Vietnamese water lily bulb sweet soup

Vietnamese sweet soups (Chè) are the most popular desserts in Vietnam. There are various Vietnamese sweet soups in different regions in the country. A simple Black bean sweet soup can refresh you in the evening. Mung bean sweet soup with tangerine peel warm your stomach at night. A glass of Pomelo sweet soup at a street food stall […]


Vietnamese lesser yam pudding (Che cu tu)

Vietnamese lesser yam pudding

Let’s make the delicious Vietnamese lesser yam pudding (Chè củ từ): Ingredients: Lesser yams: 200g Water: 1l Sugar: 150g Tapioca starch: 50g Directions: Wash and peel lesser yams, cut them into cubes with a side of 1 cm. Cook lesser yam cubes until tender. Add sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Mix tapioca starch and […]