Guiding to travel Binh Dinh, South Central Coast, Vietnam

Binh Dinh is famous for martial arts, historical relics, attractive beauty of nature and humanity. Therefore, it is gradually no longer strange to Vietnamese tourists as well as international visitors. This article helps you get more information about Binh Dinh tourism so that you can achieve the perfect trip.

When to come to Binh Dinh?

Depending on your travel purpose, you can come to Binh Dinh any time you want. In my opinion, you should come to Binh Dinh in late August, early September, because then it is beautiful, not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter, is a very ideal time.

By what means to Binh Dinh?

– For neighboring provinces, you can travel by motorbike or car.
– For other provinces, you can choose a sleeper or a seated bus or you can go by train. Currently, there are many coach companies to Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh, but I think you should choose Phuong Trang or The Sinh Tourist bus companies. These car companies are famous for their prestige and quality and you will be taken care of enthusiastically until you arrive in Binh Dinh. You should refer to the train and coach schedule of departure time, arrival time to be able to plan a specific schedule for your trip.

In addition, for some remote provinces, it is possible to choose a means of transport to Binh Dinh by plane. When flying to Phu Cat airport, you can return to Quy Nhon City more than 30km by taxi or airport shuttle. If you go 1-2 people, you should take a shuttle bus, the price of a transit bus for 1 ticket is 50k. If you go with a lot of people, you should take a taxi to be more proactive and save, the price is about 350k – 400k / 7-seat taxi.

– To be able to freely play, you should rent a motorbike to learn and explore Binh Dinh by yourself. Car rental price ranges from 100k -120k/day, scooter about 150k/day. The rental address you can ask at the hotel, the guest house you are staying at, maybe the guest house is also available for rent. You have to bring identification to rent a motorbike, many places also charge you an additional 500k deposit.

Hotels, guest houses in Binh Dinh?

AVANI Quy Nhơn Resort & Spa

AVANI Quy Nhơn Resort & Spa

This is the leading luxury resort in Quy Nhon city today, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. AVANI Quy Nhon Resort & Spa is located on the most beautiful natural beach in Vietnam. Coming to AVANI Resort, you are immersed in crystal clear water. In addition, massage, beauty care, yoga, sauna services are also very popular activities of AVANI.

  • Address: Bai Dai, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon City
  • Phone: 056 3840 132
  • Website:

Seagullu – Hotel

Khách sạn Hải Âu - Seagull Hotel

Hai Au hotel located near the beautiful Quy Nhon beach is considered a new symbol of the coastal city of Quy Nhon. Coming to Seagull Hotel, visitors will fully feel the gentle and immense beauty of the sea when 170 rooms of the hotel having a direct sea view.

  • Address: 489 An Duong Vuong, Nguyen Van Cu, City. Qui Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 056 3846 377
  • Website:

FLC Quy Nhơn Resort

FLC Quy Nhơn Resort

Là một trong những khu resort cao cấp nhất Bình Định, FLC Quy Nhơn Resort dễ dàng chinh phục du khách nhờ vẻ đẹp kiến trúc nguy nga và sang trọng đậm nét châu Âu. Nếu có dịp nghỉ ngơi tại đây, bạn đừng quên thưởng thức bữa tối lãng mạn tại nhà hàng Mistral Top View ngay trên đỉnh đồi. Nếu bạn là người thích chơi golf thì sân golf đẳng cấp của FLC Quy Nhơn Resort chắc hẳn sẽ khiến bạn vô cùng hài lòng.

  • Địa chỉ: Quốc lộ 19B, Nhơn Lý, Tp. Qui Nhơn, Bình Định
  • Điện thoại: 056 2470 000
  • Website:

Royal Hotel & Healthcare Resort Quy Nhơn

Royal Hotel & Healthcare Resort Quy Nhơn

Royal Hotel & Healthcare Resort Quy Nhơn là khu nghỉ dưỡng đẳng cấp với tổng cộng 131 phòng nghỉ vô cùng sang trọng và tinh tế. Khu nghỉ dưỡng trải dài trên một diện tích 500 mét ngay trên bờ biển tuyệt đẹp của Quy Nhơn. Bầu không khí mát lành và lãng mạn nơi đây hứa hẹn sẽ giúp cho kỳ nghỉ của bạn đáng nhớ hơn bao giờ hết.

  • Địa chỉ: Hàn Mặc Tử, Quy Nhơn, Ghềnh Ráng
  • Điện thoại: 056 6549 700
  • Website:

Muong Thanh Quy Nhon Hotel

Khách sạn Mường Thanh Quy Nhơn là một trong những khách sạn nổi tiếng nhất Bình Định

Muong Thanh Quy Nhon Hotel can be said to be a delicate combination of ancient Asian beauty with modern style. The hotel has 86 bedrooms along with other great services such as a restaurant, spa, massage…

  • Address: 02 Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 056 3892 666
  • Website:

Aurora Resort & Villas

Khu nghỉ dưỡng & biệt thự Aurora

Aurora Resort & Villas has only been in operation for the past few years, so the system of rooms and facilities of the resort is still very new. The resort is very popular for its design close to nature with stone walls, wooden doors, tiled roofs, thatched roofs. The quiet and peaceful space combined with the beautiful view direction is also a plus point that cannot be ignored. of Aurora Resort & Villas.

  • Address: National Highway 1D, Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 056 3876 969
  • Website:

Saigon Quy Nhon Hotel

Khách sạn Sài Gòn Quy Nhơn

Saigon Quy Nhon Hotel is a spacious 8-storey hotel in the coastal city of Quy Nhon. The hotel has a luxurious Diamond conference room that is suitable for organizing seminars or wedding events. With a location close to the beach, guests staying at the hotel will enjoy the cool air of the sea.

  • Address: 24 Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, City. Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 056 3829 922
  • Website:

Sunflower Hotel

Sunflower Hotel

Although Sunflower Hotel is not located close to the sea, with modern facilities and good service quality, Sunflower Hotel is still an ideal resting place for guests from afar when visiting Quy Nhon.

  • Address: 13-15-17 Nguyen Hue, Hai Cang, City. Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 056 3891 277
  • Website:

Villa Relax

Villa Relax

Villa Relax will be a great choice for those who want to enjoy a quiet and private feeling but still be in perfect harmony with nature. Villa Relax has 4 bedrooms, including 2 rooms with a very romantic and fresh sea view. Elegant, classic architecture with outstanding pure white combined with a comfortable swimming pool will satisfy any fastidious visitor.

  • Address: Ganh Do, Song Cau, Quy Nhon

Vespa’ House

Different from the hotels mentioned above, Vespa’ House has a very different and impressive vintage-style space. This hotel is not located near the sea but is still loved by domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its green and rustic space in the countryside.

  • Address: Ngo Van So, Nhon Hau, city. Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh
  • Phone: 090 234 36 35

Where to go to play in Binh Dinh

Queen Beach

Located in the territory of Ghenh Rang, an interesting tourist attraction of Binh Dinh, about 3km southeast of Quy Nhon city, Hoang Hau Beach is considered one of the most famous beautiful Quy Nhon beaches in Vietnam. Compared to other famous beaches like Nha Trang, Vung Tau, or Phu Quoc, Queen Beach may still be quite unfamiliar to some people. But this is a beautiful beach and still retains its majestic wild beauty.

Không gian hoang sơ ở bãi tắm Hoàng Hậu (ẢNH ST)

The reason it has the name Hoang Hau beach is that this was once the private resort of King Bao Dai and Queen Nam Phuong. The queen was attracted by the beauty of the scenery and nature here, so she chose this place to stop and relax.

Twin towers

The tower was built at the end of the 12th century, this is an ancient tourist destination of Binh Dinh. The building has impressive, unique, and unique architecture consisting of 2 towers located next to each other along the North-South axis. The Twin Towers is a famous tourist attraction that attracts tourists from all over the world to learn about the civilization of the old Champa kingdom.

Located on Tran Hung Dao Street, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, Twin Towers is classified as one of the towers with “unique” architecture of Champa architectural art. The main tower is 22m high and is surrounded by smaller and separate towers with different architecture, having high artistic value.

Duong Long Tower

This is one of the remains of ancient Cham towers in Binh Dinh. This place consists of 3 towers built side by side forming an architectural block with many meanings. Like other Cham towers, these 3 towers also possess sophisticated features in the art of sculpture and shaping of the Cham. However, many researchers believe that it has a bit of Khmer architectural art.

Di tích còn lưu lại của nền văn hóa Chăm Pa cổ (ẢNH ST)

Tien Sa Ghenh Rang

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa is 3km southeast of the city center in Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon city. It is one of the consecutive rocky beaches, winding along the curve of Xuan Van mountain. Coming here, you should rent yourself a hotel in Ghenh Rang, to be able to admire the full beauty of this place.
Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

The natural scenery here is poetic, beautiful, making those who have ever come to have an unforgettable impression.

Especially coming here, visitors can visit the resting place of talented but unfortunate poet Han Mac Tu suffering from evil leprosy. The desire to love and be loved, along with the charming natural scenery have created immortal poems.

Banh It Tower

The tower is located in Phuoc Hieu Commune, Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh. This tower has a special and fancy architecture, looking from a distance towards the population of 4 towers, it has a pyramid shape like a Banh It, so it is called Banh It Tower.

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định
Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

The main tower is 22m high and is surrounded by smaller and separate towers with different architecture, having high artistic value. The main tower is 22m high and is surrounded by smaller and separate towers with different architecture, having high artistic value.

Quang Trung King museum

Binh Dinh was originally a land associated with the name of King Quang Trung. Therefore, when you come here, take some time to visit the Quang Trung King Museum to learn more about the history and this hero!

Nơi lưu giữ các hiện vật và tư liệu gắn liền với tên tuổi vị vua anh dũng (ẢNH ST)

Long Khanh Pagoda

Long Khanh Pagoda is one of the outstanding spiritual tourist sites in Binh Dinh. There is a large Buddha statue, up to 17m high, and placed right in the middle of the temple yard. This statue can also be easily seen from the outside. In addition, there are two precious artifacts at the temple, namely the Hong Thai bell and the engraving of Long Khanh Tu.

Bức tượng Phật nổi tiếng ở chùa (ẢNH ST)

The place to pray to God

The place to pray to God, also known as Bao Son Thien An, is a platform built in 2012 to commemorate the 220th anniversary of the death of King Quang Trung (1792 – 2012) on An Son mountain, next to Highway 19, belongs to Hoa Son village, Binh Tuong Commune, Tay Son District, Binh Dinh Province, about 43km from Quy Nhon City.

Đàn tế trời mới được xây dựng và hoàn thành chưa lâu (ẢNH ST)

The platform to pray to God is built on the old ground. Here, in the past, every year, in the spring, King Quang Trung came to pray to heaven to help the country be peaceful and prosperous

Emperor Ancient Citadel

Emperor Citadel is located in Nhon Hau commune and Dap Da ward, An Nhon town, 27km northwest of Quy Nhon.

In 1778, after defeating Lord Nguyen, Nguyen Nhac ascended the throne of Tay Son Dynasty and built the capital at the old location of Do Ban citadel of Champa Kingdom, this is where Emperor Thai Duc Nguyen Nhac lived. called Emperor Citadel When built on the old foundation of the ancient capital of Do Ban, after more than 300 years of abandonment, the remaining vestiges of Do Ban Citadel were not many, only a pair of stone lions of the Champa kings that Nguyen Nhac continued. continue to use makeup for her forbidden city.

Một di tích lịch sử từ triều đại Tây Sơn xưa (ẢNH ST)

There are also a number of relics such as the three-way gate, the city wall, the semicircular lake, the stone lion. Especially, there are graves of Vo Tanh and Ngo Tung Chau, famous generals of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Wind waist (Eo Gio)

Eo Gio is a new Binh Dinh tourist area quite attractive to tourists located in Nhon Ly commune, 20km from Quy Nhon city. The name Eo Gio originates from the curved shape of the beach. This is an ideal place for young people to take pictures.


Ngoc Hoa Vihara

Next to Eo Gio is a sacred space of Ngoc Hoa Vihara. The building has beautiful and majestic architecture. In particular, the thing that attracts the most visitors when coming here is the large double Buddha statue, one looking towards the mountain, the other looking towards the sea.

Bức tượng Phật đôi đặc biệt ở sát bờ biển (ẢNH ST)

Green Isle (Cu Lao Xanh)

Green Isle is located on Nhon Chau island commune, 20km from Nha Trang city, which is an invaluable gift that nature has bestowed on the land of Binh Dinh. The isle has a wild beauty of green trees on the isle and jade-colored seawater. Watching the sunrise and sunset is the most favorite activity of tourists when coming to Green Isle.

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

Ky Co

Ky Co is 25km from the city on Nhon Ly island. Here has the pristine white sand beach surrounded by majestic mountains. The sea is shallow, the seawater is quiet, so visitors can enjoy bathing without fear of waves.

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định
Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

Seo Island

This is a small island, only about 5 kilometers from the mainland. Its special thing is that there is no stretch of sand, as large as on other beaches. Instead, it possesses countless large and small rocks scattered on the sea surface. Therefore, this place owns a wild but extremely beautiful space, attracting tourists to explore.

Bãi đá lẫn dưới nước cực đẹp chỉ có ở Hòn Sẹo (ẢNH ST)

Trung Luong picnic area

This is a newly opened beachside picnic area but quite attractive to tourists in Quy Nhon. There is a green lawn here for camping. The special thing is that it is nestled between the undulating rocky mountains and has a very romantic view of the sea. Therefore, the scenery here has attracted many young people from far away to enjoy picnics and romantic camping.

Không gian siêu lãng mạn luôn nè! (ẢNH ST)

Ham Ho beautiful scenery

Traveling to Binh, visitors should not miss the Ham Ho landscape located in Phu My village, Tay Phu Tay Son, 55km north of Quy Nhon city.

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

When coming to Ham Ho, visitors are satisfied to see the small streams that are on both sides of them are shady forests and majestic cliffs. The streams have clear blue water and lots of large rock ranges with many beautiful shapes.

Coming to Ho Ho, tourists also know the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation that was the base of the Tay Son insurgent army in the 18th century, the insurgent Mai Xuan Thuong in the Can Vuong movement against the French at the end of the 19th century. A beautiful landscape associated with the nation’s history has attracted many tourists..

Quy Nhon Sea

Một trong những nơi mà bạn không thể bỏ qua khi tới du lịch Bình Định (ẢNH ST)

Coming to Binh Dinh without playing at the beach of Quy Nhon city is a mistake. There are many hotels with sea views that are suitable for you to enjoy the summer with your family and loved ones. The sea here is not as famous as the beach in Nha Trang, but it still possesses a very special wild character, creating its own attraction for Binh Dinh.

Yen Island

On Yen Island, swiftlets nest on craggy cliffs. Coming to a tourist destination in Binh Dinh, Yen Island, visitors will see the natural caves that have been created for thousands of years. On this island, there are 30 different large and small caves, notably: Doi cave, Rung Cao cave, Can cave, Ba Nghe cave…

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

Thi Nai Lagoon

The lagoon attracts visitors by its charming beauty with a length of 10km, a width of about 4km, countless types of seafood living in the lagoon. Thi Nai lagoon is the largest lagoon in Binh Dinh. In the lagoon, there is also a small mountain where people set up a temple to worship the water god. The shape of the mountain resembles an ancient tower called the Fortune Teller Tower.
Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

Cape Vi Rong

The waves hit the shore, sending white foam like a dragon’s mouth spewing water. When the water level is low, it protrudes out onto the rocky beach with many shapes and sizes, reaching out to the sea.

Những điểm du lịch nhất định phải check in khi đến Bình Định

Đây là những địa điểm du lịch Bình Định được ưa thích và thú vị nhất. Hi vọng bài viết này sẽ giúp bạn thêm nhiều kinh nghiệm du lịch hữu ích trong chuyến đi du lịch tới miền đất địa linh nhân kiệt này.

Festival in Binh Đinh

Coming to Binh Dinh during the Lunar New Year period, you can participate in many festival activities. Go Market Festival is held only on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year every year in Phong Thanh village, Tuy Phuoc town, Tuy Phuoc district. On the 2nd of Tet, you can participate in the Boat Racing Festival in Go Boi, Tung Gian village, Phuoc Hoa commune, Tuy Phuoc district. From the 4th to the 5th, Dong Da – Tay Son Festival is held at Quang Trung Museum and the Spiritual Altar of Heaven and Earth, Phu Phong town, Tay Son district. In addition, there is Ong Nui Pagoda Festival held on the 24th and 25th of the first lunar month in Cat Tien commune, Phu Cat district. In the second lunar month, there is Nuoc Man Ancient Town Festival from the 1st to the 3rd at Ba pagoda, An Hoa village, Phuoc Quang commune, Tuy Phuoc district.

Delicious dishes in Binh Dinh

Phuong Teo Fish Noodles

Fish noodles are quite famous specialties in Quy Nhon, sold in many streets. The uniqueness of vermicelli is the way to make vermicelli, spring rolls, and prepare the broth. The fish cakes here are made entirely from fresh fish with many spices.
As for vermicelli, made of rice flour mixed with bột mì, when cooked, it has a very strange toughness and color.
The broth is mainly cooked with fish bones, the fish head creating a sweet taste, leaving the eater an unforgettable feeling. You can visit Phuong Teo fish noodle shop at 211 Nguyen Hue and 415 Nguyen Hue to enjoy this dish.

Co Nam jumping shrimp pancakes

Bánh xèo tôm nhảy cô Năm

Coming to Quy Nhon, if you want to enjoy the unique taste of the cuisine of the land of Martial Arts, we invite you to visit Co Nam jumping shrimp pancake shop at the foot of My Cang bridge, Phuoc Son commune, Tuy Phuoc district. From Quy Nhon, take a motorbike or car, follow the road through Tuy Phuoc town and then turn towards Phuoc Son; or cross Thi Nai bridge and then go along the lagoon route to Cat Tien and turn down; Both routes are less than 30km long. The shop is small, no signboard, located right on the roadside but diners are always busy coming in and out. (Delicious food, peaceful, but a bit far from the center)

Nho Sweet soup

Chè Nhớ

Typical Binh Dinh delicious food is Che Nho 157 Ngo May, which can be considered as the most famous sweet soup shop in Quy Nhon,
located right on Ngo May street, next to Quy Nhon University, so it is also known as Student Sweet Soup Shop.
In addition to sweet soup, Ngo May Street is also famous for many other attractive snacks.

Tay Son Beef – Anh Nhat Gia Vien Restaurant

Gié Bò Tây Sơn – Quán Anh Nhật Gia Viên

Beef jerky is a popular dish suitable for everyone’s budget, visitors can enjoy eating or eating until full. The origin of this dish dates back to the Tay Son period of the Ba Na ethnic group in Binh Dinh and has been handed down to this day. Raw materials for processing are mainly from the small intestine of cows. You can go to Anh Nhat Gia Vien restaurant at 1087, Tran Hung Dao to enjoy this strange dish.

Chicken Duong Son Quan

Gà chỉ Đường Sơn Quán

From Quy Nhon city, along National Highway 1A (Quy Nhon – Song Cau route), if you pay attention, you will see that there are many chicken shops on both sides of the road. When coming to the restaurant, customers will choose chickens that are already locked in the barn for the restaurant to process. Chicken can be prepared in many ways such as grilled, fried, boiled or steamed, it all depends on the preferences of the diners coming to the restaurant. Duong Son Quan is not only famous for its chicken dish, but when enjoying the food, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sea view.

Beef noodle soup – Van Huong

Bún bò – giò Vân Hường

In addition to the famous thick Vietnamese noodle and fish noodle dishes, Quy Nhon also has an attractive beef noodle soup. Noodle soup in Quy Nhon is not as strong as Hue beef noodle soup, but it’s worth a try. An address for your reference is Van Huong restaurant at 127 Tang Bat Ho.

Fine rice vermicelli and heart porridge in Man Restarant

Bánh hỏi cháo lòng quán Mẫn

Fine rice vermicelli-heart porridge is a specialty of Binh Dinh, coming to Quy Nhon, visitors will see many signs of it.
Fine rice vermicelli-heart porridge is really two different dishes but people combine together to create an interesting dish.
Porridge is cooked with blood, broth from pork bones. Porridge is both sweet and fragrant, served with a skillfully prepared plate of pork intestines.

Jellyfish noodle soup at Tau Hoa Hoa Restaurant

Bún sứa nhà hàng Tàu Hoa Hoa

Hoa Hoa Chinese Restaurant at 318 Phan Chu Trinh is famous for its jellyfish dishes such as jellyfish hotpot, jellyfish vermicelli… Delicious jellyfish vermicelli with clear broth, sweet taste, crunchy jellyfish pieces, never tired of eating. In addition, the shops selling fish vermicelli in Quy Nhon almost also sell jellyfish as a side dish, remember to try it.

Grilled heart

Lòng nướng
The grilled heart is a dish that is loved by many young people because it is delicious, easy to eat, and especially at a very low price. This dish is best enjoyed on rainy days.

Ba Ga restaurant can cake

Bánh căn quán Bà Già

Can cake is also an attractive dish you should not miss when coming to Quy Nhon. Quy Nhon can cake at first glance, you will see that it is quite similar to the southern dish of khot cake. However, if you have the opportunity to eat it, you will see the different characteristics of this cake. Ba Gia cake shop at 7 Ngo Quyen usually sells in the morning and sells out very quickly, so if you like to eat can cake, remember to come early to enjoy.

Ocean tuna noodles

Bún cá ngừ đại dương
Not too colorful, the spices are also minimalist, but the taste is extremely delicious, which is the most accurate description of the bowl of tuna noodles at 33 Nguyen Tu.
The fish noodle pot here is simmered from tuna bones so that the vermicelli has a sweet taste of fish, the tuna is cut into small pieces, where guests eat it, go there so that the fish meat is always sweet and soft. In addition, guests eating vermicelli will be served with a piece of coconut water rice paper, one of the famous local specialties in Hoai Nhon.



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