Nga Sau Cathedral in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam

Nga Sau Cathedral (officially known as Saint Jean d’Arc Cathedral) is one of the cathedrals contributing to making Saigon become special. Traveling to Saigon, you should spend your time visiting this famous place. Nga Sau Cathedral is located at 16A, Hung Vuong Boulevard, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. It is a Cathedral having as long history as Cholon land. This cathedral is allowed to build by Father Huynh Tinh Huong, started in 1922 and finished in 1928.

The most outstanding character of Nga Sau Cathedral is mean gate arch having the statue of Saint Jeanne d’Arc – one of the most famous historical characters of France. She is the heroine of hundred – year war of French and England. Being looked generally, the cathedral has a Gothic architecture style, is put in a park area with green trees and grass. The front is remarkable with a high bell tower. The back is a long praying house row. The bell tower has 5 floors, having from low to high cubic shape. On the top has a cross making a highlight for the cathedral. The first floor is extensive hall. The praying house row also has a cubic shape and is divided by pillars. All doors and windows have half moon shape. The whole Cathedral is mainly painted dark yellow color. Space inside Cathedral is divided into 5 compartments by square pillar rows. Below each pillar top, there is the ceiling having an arch shape. In front of Saint Palace, there are 5 steps. In the center at the back of the palace, there is a statue of Jesus Christ. Two sides have 2 statues of Mother Mary and Saint Joshep stuck on 2 pillars. The interior of the cathedral has light yellow making the structure become light and comfortable.

Coming to Nga Sau Cathedral, we will be watched the statue of Saint Jeanne d’Arc – one of the most famous historical characters of France, stayed in a comfortable cool park among busy streets, gazed with veneration at an ancient architecture and feel our heart calm in front of Jesus Christ.

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