Old Saigon

In memory of many old Saigon people, Saigon is beautiful, elegant and peaceful. Followings are some photos about old Saigon in 20 century:

1. Motorbike taxi

Motorbike taxi means Xe om in Vietnamese. Those days, motorbike taxi drivers usually used Honda Cub 81 to earn money.

2. Hair salon

Hair salon was decorated with pictures of famous singers, actors, actress and artists. There were big mirrors and some hair styling tools.

3. Tailor shop

Ready-made clothes were not popular so that tailor shops are very popular those days.

4. Coffee shop

Old coffee roaster machine

Drink stall was simple with small plastic chairs, small table, tea pots, tea cups and some cigarrettes

5. Candy shop

Candy shop was also simple with some plastic box consisting of some kinds of candies

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