Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike – a memorable trip

We had accidentally found a brochure of Scooter Saigon Tour at our hotel. Because we had done most of the must things to do in the city and Mekong Delta, we would like to spend our last day in Ho Chi Minh differently. It was written that the Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike shows tourists hidden gems of the city. So that we decided to book the tour. We had no idea of riding on a motorbike before. I was a little scared of sitting on the back of the motorbike for the first 10 minutes. In addition, I was not familiar with wearing a helmet. However, the great girls made it great. Let me tell you about my experience on the Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike.

Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike

Let’s start the Saigon food tour by motorbike

My driver spoke English fluently and she started with some fun stories about Saigon so that I forgot about that I was on a motorbike. She showed me tons of funny and strange things on the streets. I was impressed by many motorbikes with different things such as a hundred of bunches of flowers, a big basket of fruits or live animals. The sell Keo keo candies, cakes, Vietnamese bread, fried banana cakes, boiled sweet potato, steamed sticky rice on the motorbikes. I saw lotteries, electronics sold on motorbikes. They weaved the main streets and narrow alleys. This must be one of the amazing activities we had done. Wow, a very small coffee stall with a few old plastic tables and chairs, a very small market where sellers sat in the alley and sold a few foods and condiments.

The girls also stopped at a local restaurant where they served us Banh Xeo. The traditional cakes have crispy crust and fillings made from shrimp and bean sprouts. We chose some fresh fruits at the market and ate them at the restaurant. The highlight of the tour was the feeling like locals.

Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike

Just enjoy a warm meal together with Banh Xeo – a traditional Vietnamese food

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