An enormous variety of delicious dishes have become popular places for locals when the sun goes down. Saigon night markets with their own character and street food stalls are crowded with locals people. There they meet and gather outside, share a meal or a drink under the stars. It isn’t an eating tour but a food and culture tour on which you will learn more about Vietnamese authentic cuisine and rich culture as well as a unique lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh city. Ho Chi Minh city is a non-sleeping city, while they may not be as bright and shiny as the city is covered by a new coat. It becomes more and more splendid and elegant with twinkle street lights and traffic lines. Because Saigon day is just too hot, the cooler night air offers an ideal time to drive around.

Why not experience the foods as well as the buzz of Saigon’s nightlife on the back of a Scooter with our Private Night Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike? Why missing a big chance to see the best part of Saigon by night, eat street foods, have fun and enjoy the city like a local? Our Private Saigon Street Food Tour By Night on Motorbike is the right choice to plan your trip to Ho Chi Minh city.

Highlights of Night Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike:

  • Nice view and the amaze of Saigon at night when street food stalls are crowded with foodie;
  • Eating, drinking and having like locals in Saigon on the back of the motorbike;
  • Tasting exotic street foods at the most famous eateries in Saigon;
  • Explore local hidden food corners & areas;
  • Learning more about hidden food stories and rich Vietnamese cuisine;
  • A huge network of narrow back alleys – a unique part of Saigon;
  • Foods & drink:
    • Minimum 4 food stops in busy food areas/corners/streets in different districts;
    • Enjoy different kinds of delicious specialty dishes (not less than 10 dishes);
    • Experience of  “Snail Eating”/Vietnamese BBQ and “Nhau” culture (seafood, snail dishes or Vietnamese BBQ & local beer);
    • Flexible menu to meet your expectation;
    • Foods will be ordered until you are full, no guest leaves the tour feeling hungry.

Start time:

Let’s start your Private Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike at any time you want. Tour duration: 4 hours!


Adult: 1,040,000 VND or 45 USD; Children under 7 years old: sit with one adult on one motorbike 50% off.

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Price included:

  • All street foods and drinks.
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel, high-quality open-faced helmet, bottle of water, rain poncho (if needed).
  • Pictures from your tour (emailed to you later).

Itinerary of Night Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike:

Our guide picks you up at your hotel (or any location requested by you) and start weaving Saigon main streets and alleyways. On the back of the motorbike, you can enjoy the nice view of the city at night. We troll into street food area and stop at famous local restaurants for tasting amazing specialty foods that Saigon must to offer. The guide also tells you about the art of eating Vietnamese foods, how to eat long noodles with chopsticks, snails with bamboo stick, wrap the cake in vegetables, etc.

Where to stop and What to eat are frequent questions about any food tour. On our private night food tour, we plan to take you to:

1st stop: Pan fried scrambled egg rice cake or Bot chien is a unique food in Ho Chi Minh City. We will take you to a long-standing restaurant to eat one of the best Bot chien in the city. There we also serve you Bo pia and the healthy Centella asiatica juice.

Night Saigon Motorbike Food Tour

2nd stop: Enjoy the best Beef Noodle Soup (or Broken Rice, Steamed rolls stuffed with pork) in the city.

Night Saigon Motorbike Food Tour

3rd stop: A famous Snail restaurant on Vinh Khanh Street Food Area which is known as “snail street” because it is overwhelmed with tens of snail restaurants. There we will drink cool beers, cheer “1, 2, 3 dzo” while tasting a wide range of distinct snail dishes and seafood dishes including Stir-fried mud-creeper with coconut milk, Grilled sweet snails, Grilled scallops, Steamed clams with lemongrass, Stir-fried ocean crab legs with salt and chili. The guide will show you how to eat these amazing foods with special sauces and Vietnamese mint, how to use special tools, bamboo sticks to remove the ocean crab meat and snail meat from the shell. If you are not afraid, you can try fertilized duck egg – a famous food fears factor in Vietnam as well as the world. A huge plus is that you are welcome to drink beer as much as possible.

Night Saigon Motorbike Food Tour

Night Saigon Motorbike Food Tour

Instead of snail and seafood dishes, you can choose to go to one of the best BBQ restaurants in Trung Son Area. There you will experience how Saigon people eat BBQ. At the restaurant, they bring you a charcoal stove, a grill, and marinated foods and you will grill the foods yourself. We will serve you Grilled octopus, Grilled chicken feet, Grilled okra, Grilled pork, Grilled beef, Grilled goat breast. Certainly, we also drink beer and leisurely chat while grilling and eating the dishes.

4th stop: Try Southern style Vietnamese pancake which is large and extremely thin and crispy, Noodles with grilled pork (Bun Thit Nuong) – a specialty of Saigon, delicious sweet soups (Cendol, Lotus sweet soup) as dessert.

Note that the above stops and foods are designed to be suitable for both the youth and the elderly, both couple and family, even kids. Because the tour is private, you can customize the stops and the foods. You are welcome to tell our guides your idea or preferences so that we can make the tour meet your expectation. Some recommendations: Crab noodle soup, Grilled rice paper, Broken rice, Grilled beef with wild betel, Clear rice noodle soup. We can accommodate most allergies including Vegetarians and Gluten Allergies.

Lastly, the guide returns you to your hotel. It  is time to say good bye, tour ends but memories last forever.

To see hidden places of the city and learn more about the unique culture and lifestyle, you can book another tour Saigon Motorbike Unseen Tour.

Please Call/SMS/Viber/Whatsapp us at +84909190247 to book the tour and get our quick response as well as confirmation if you get bored of filling the booking form and waiting for our response. Do not hesitate to let us know you are vegetarian or allergic to something.

Let book our Private Night Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike and pay us at the end of the tour!

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Night Saigon Food Tour by Motorbike (Private)
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