Saigon Unseen & Food Tour by Motorbike

Showing you brilliant hidden gems of the real Saigon which most of the tourists missed is the aim of this tour. You may have joined a Sightseeing Tour and visited most tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. But not all about Saigon, there is a hidden city inside the Saigon you see on crowded main roads. On our Private Saigon Unseen & Food Tour by Motorbike you will have a chance to explore this unique part of Saigon where there are many things to do. It is a huge network of back alleys, twisting behind and between the borough’s buildings. Back alleys are home to major Saigon people who live in narrow houses and have a unique lifestyle. Do not be stuck in District 1 like other tourists but see less-wandered 8 districts to see hard gems that most of them don’t know about and couldn’t be found on any guide book. A big plus of this tour is eating on the way. Some of the best foods that Saigon must to offer will be served and they definitely make the tour perfect.


9 districts, 12 authentic markets, 2 special streets, 2 mysterious buildings, 3 food stops, 4 specialty foods

Hidden parts

  • Venerable Thich Quang Duc Monument
  • Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment buildings since 1960s
  • Cambodian market
  • Ho Thi Ky – Saigon’s biggest flower market
  • Fruit and vegetable market
  • Motorbike accessories market
  • Lantern market, pet market, electronics market, Chinese medicine market, fabric market
  • Fashion street, painting street
  • Ghost building
  • Stilt houses in slum areas on channels
  • Ten Thousands Buddha Temple
  • Saigon Cao Dai Temple
  • Hoa Binh market – one of the oldest Saigon markets

Tour information

Price $40USD or VND930,000

  • Child under 2 years: free
  • Child from 3 to 7 years (sit on the same motorbike with one adult): 15 USD
  • Child from 8 to 12 years: 28 USD
15% discount in this month, the final price is 34 USD or VND 790,000 per adult.

Payment method

  • Pay in advance or at the end of the tour in USD or VND cash
  • Free cancelation


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