Showing you brilliant hidden gems of the real Saigon which most of the tourists missed is the aim of this tour. You may have joined a Sightseeing Tour and visited most tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. But not all about Saigon, there is a hidden city inside the Saigon you see on crowded main roads. On our Private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike you will have a chance to explore this unique part of Saigon where there are many things to do. It is a huge network of back alleys, twisting behind and between the borough’s buildings. Back alleys are home to major Saigon people who live in narrow houses and have a unique lifestyle. Do not be stuck in District 1 like other tourists but see less-wandered districts to see hard gems that most of them don’t know about and couldn’t be found on any guide book.

Highlights of Private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike:

  • Hidden history:
    • Venerable Thich Quang Duc Memorial, story about the burning monk and living heart;
  • Hidden life:
    • Old apartment buildings in alleys with real local life of longtime residents in Saigon;
  • Hidden pagoda & temple:
    • Saigon Cao Dai temple with interesting architecture and unique Cao Dai religion originated in Vietnam;
    • Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas hidden in a small alley and peaceful life around;
  • Hidden markets and streets:
    • Local market in alleys;
    • The biggest flower market in Saigon;
    • Fruit and vegetable market;
    • Motorbike accessories market;
    • Lantern market, pet market, electronics market, Chinese medicine market, fabric market, bird market;
    • Fashion street, antique street, painting street;
    • Ghost building and its story;
    • An old apartment building in alleys where longtime residents living;
  • Refreshment:
    • Hidden 80-year cafe in an alley & learn how to make a cup of coffee in a very special way & relax while tasting some drink there;

Start time:

Let’s start your private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike at any time you want. Duration: about 4 hours.


Adult: 690,000 VND or 30 USD; Children under 7 years old: sit with one adult on one motorbike 50% off.

Promotion from now until 31st May 2019: 10% off; Do not miss the Private Saigon Motorbike Sightseeing & Food Tour with the best price 27 USD.

Price included:

  • Free hotel pickup and drop off;
  • Bottle of mineral water;
  • English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel, high-quality open-faced helmet, rain poncho (if needed);
  • Special Vietnamese Coffee;
  • Pictures from your tour (emailed to you later).

Itinerary of Private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike:

Our talented female guide with her motorbike picks you up at your hotel (or any location requested by you). After a short talk about the tour program and making sure you are ok on the motorbike, she will weave around the main streets and narrow alleyways to see the city. Firstly, we stop at Venerable Thich Quang Duc Memorial, enjoy the peaceful and calm sight in the noisy Saigon and listen to the mysterious story about the burning monk and living heart.

Then we head to District 10 and stop at Nguyen Thien Thuat old apartment building in alleys where longtime residents living with their families and lots of interesting things. After that, we reach Ho Thi Ky flower market which is a huge wholesale flower market hidden in alleyways of Ho Thi Ky Street. The guide takes you through the market to see thousands of colorful flowers, fresh vegetables, live animals, and many strange things in the local market. We also troll into a Cambodian market inside the flower market to see how locals sell and buy everything from foods to condiments.

Private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike

Leaving the hustle and bustle markets, we zip through District 5, 6, 11 to explore Cho Lon (or China Town) which is home to most of the Chinese people in Ho Chi Minh City. We weave around hidden parts includes fashion street, painting street, medicine street, electronic market, fabric market, lantern market, fruit market, bird market. The drive gives you an insider view of the hidden city which is missed on normal city tours by car/bus.

Saigon Motorbike Unseen Tour

Then we will drive through narrow alleyways to reach Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda. Buddha statues are everywhere on the wall, in each petal of a big lotus with countless petals. The next stop is the less-known Saigon Cao Dai Temple where you learn more about the unique architecture and religion in Vietnam. Not only see the religious sites but also see what is hidden in the alley and see the local life there.

Saigon Motorbike Unseen Tour

On the way, we stop at an 80-year coffee shop hidden in an alley and famous for its distinct “Vot” coffee. There you sit around a table, take a rest, have some drink, and chat leisurely with the nice lady. The most interesting thing is learning how to make “Vot” coffee and interacting with the nice owner of the coffee shop.

Saigon Motorbike Unseen Tour

Lastly, the guide returns you to your hotel. It  is time to say good bye, tour ends but memories last forever.

On this tour, we do not eat but drive around for sightseeing. If you would like to eat with us, you can choose the Private Night Saigon Street Food Tour by Motorbike. In case you would like to visit must-see parts, just choose the Saigon Motorbike Sightseeing Tour or Saigon Motorbike Sightseeing & Food Tour.

Please Call/SMS/Viber/Whatsapp us at +84909190247 to book the tour and get our quick response as well as confirmation if you get bored of filling the booking form and waiting for our response.

Let book our Private Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike and pay us at the end of the tour!

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Saigon Unseen Tour by Motorbike (Private)
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