Vietnam is among the country’s most adventurous eaters. They are not afraid to eat insects, bugs, reptiles and arachnids. All animal parts to be thrown out, in Vietnam they all go into the cooking pot: legs, guts or blood. Vietnamese people usually eat food fear factor while drinking beer or wine. It’s true in our country that foods fear factor are popular beer foods. Would you like to try them yourself, you would be surprised at amazingly how delicious it is? Why not experience the seismic foreignness of the Vietnamese food fear factor palette by joining the Saigon Food Fear Factor Tour by Motorbike! It’s worth a try.

In addition, you will have chance to enjoy the nice view of Saigon on back of a motorbike. Saigon Food Fear Factor Tour by Motorbike is a good choice to see the city, smell, touch many strange things and stop anywhere you want. It’s great to weave the crowded main roads to experience crazy traffic of Saigon and and quiet back alleys to learn more about unique life style in alleys.

This isn’t simply an eating and driving tour because you are not only eating and driving around the city but also listen to stories and culture. We’re sure that you will know more about the city after the tour. Special foods, great stories, nice view and fun atmosphere are reasons why you should choose this Saigon food tour.


  • Most challenging foods.
  • Being adventurous eaters like locals.
  • Extensive network of back alleys.
  • Nice view of Saigon on back of Scooter.

Price: 55 USD or 1,225,000 VND

Let’s book Saigon Food Fear Factor Tour by Motorbike. It will leave a memory forever in your  heart.

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