25 things you would love travelling Saigon (Part 2)

Top things you would love traveling Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

6. Saigon Rainy, Saigon Sunny

“Saigon is sunny in the morning, Saigon is rainy in the afternoon. Saigon is dry in a place and Saigon is wet in another place at noon” – The locals often talk about Saigon’s weather like that. What a kinky Saigon! Sometimes when you are walking around the street and see the sights, suddenly it rains. Sometimes it rains but stops immediately. Maybe you will angry and crazy with irregular climate. But it wouldn’t be Saigon anymore if lack of sudden rain and the sudden sunlight.

Vietnamese Ao Dai

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7. Opera House

If you have a chance to go to Ho Chi Minh City, you certainly can’t take your eyes off the elegant architecture of the Saigon Opera House which still retails many lively pieces of evidence for the influence of French architecture in Vietnam. This magnificent building, designed by French architect Ferret Eugene and was built in 1987. Anyone who has been to France can recognize many similarities between the Opera House and the Petit Palais. In fact, the applied ornament, balustrades, cartouches, and roof were imported directly from France.

Saigon Opera House

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Nowadays, the Saigon Opera House is home of a variety of traditional and classical performances such as plays, concerts, ballet, opera, and Vietnamese traditional dance. Visitors can file into the 1,800 seat theater to catch regular dress rehearsals, or buy a ticket for one of the weekly cultural shows the theater is known for. On weekends, free public shows are performed on the opera house steps and the nearby park offers travelers a perfect spot to stop and enjoy the music.

8. Bright Light At Night

Ho Chi Minh City is splendid as a princess after the sunset. Different from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Saigon at night become more attractive and fanciful with sparkling and effulgent light. The city is covered with a new coat of shining buildings and street lights. This is when nightlife of Saigonese starts. If you’re a night owl, you’re in the right place. Saigon is a non-sleeping city, just like Hong Kong, Singapore, which means you can literally wander around the whole city and enjoy the upbeat and the silence, the devil and the angel of the city by night within a few hours.

Saigon At Night Tracy

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9. Quiet Early Morning

It is a blessing to wake up in the morning to a brand new day…a day for opportunity…a day to make a difference…a day to experience the unexpected. In most all major cities, early morning is the best time to feel safe and sound. Take a walk and catch the first rays of sunlight, breathe fresh air and see what Saigonese do in the morning. In the parks the elders do exercises, workers eat their fast lunch, officers read hot new and enjoy black coffee. In a vendor of noodle on sidewalks, two or three people use a table, just have breakfast, just talk about last night soccer or news- every story.

Old Building Near Notre Dame Cathedral

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10. The streets are beautifully decorated on holidays

Decorated by a sparkling array of lights On Solar New Year and Lunar New Year, Saigon night is really magical and brilliant. They’re covered with colorful, eye-catching lights that make tourists ecstasy with its beauty. Especially, the streets in the center become crowded where thousands of people flocked here to enjoy the spring air. Families, friends, and couples are excited to pose for memorable photos. Children in colorful dress hold balloons, candies on their hands. Buildings and shopping centers, hotels are also lightened by big lanterns and decorated by Chrismas tree, yellow apricot trees…

Crazy Traffic In Saigon Tracy 2

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