3 Biggest fruit kingdoms in Mekong Delta (Cai Be – Ben Tre – Vinh Long)

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 1. Cai Be (Tien Giang)

Surrounded by many rivers and channels which irrigate gardens and enrich them with precious silt, Cai Be is a paradise of fruits. This region provides fruits for other provinces in Vietnam and many countries in the world. Different from other kingdoms of fruits in Mekong Delta, Cai Be has an abundant supply of tropical fruits around the year. Each season, they grow special fruits of the season, all fruits are delicious and fresh. Cai Be is famous for durians, Hoa Loc mangos, Tan Lap pineapples, Lo Ren Vinh Kim star apples, jackfruits, oranges, mandarins… Cai Be is one of the best choices of tourists who would like to visit and learn more about Mekong Delta. Besides exploring lush orchards and enjoy tasty fruits in Cai Be, tourists have a chance to see Cai Be floating market where all products are sold on boats, Tan Phong island, rice paper village, candy village, ancient villages which have existed for some hundreds of years.

Jack Fruit In Vietnam

Delicious and fragrant jackfruit in Cai Be

2. Cai Mon (Ben Tre)

Ben Tre is considered as the bowl of coconut with lines of coconut trees stretching until the horizon. Mother Nature gives this region lots of fruits including durians, rambutans, pomelos, mangos, longans, plumps… Cai Mon fruit kingdom is famous for Hai Hoa green-skin pomelos, Nam Roi pomelos, Chin Hoa durian… Cho Lach, Cai Mon is one of the most popular attractions with colorful fruit orchards, flowers, plants, seedlings. Coming there, you will be surprised by red ripen rambutan, green bunches of burmese grape (baccaurea ramiflora), mangosteen, langsat, oranges, mandarins… Tourists can plug themselves mangoes, bananas, otaheite apples, papayas, eggfruits… and listen to gardens’s hosts telling about how to grow these fruits.

Durian On Motorbike In

Chin Hoa durian is the favorite of many Vietnamese people

3. Vinh Long

Vinh Long has been famous for special Nam Roi Binh Minh pomelo with fewer seeds, crisp and light sweetness segments, Binh Hoa Phuoc rambutan – the best rambutan in the country with reddish skin, soft thorn, white flesh and sweet taste. Longans with thick and yellow flesh, thin skin, small seed, juicy and sweet flesh are grown popularly in this region. Tam Binh orange, Ri 6, Chin Hoa durian, mandarin, Hoa Loc and Cat Chu mango… are also known around Vietnam. Vinh Long is on the way to other stops (Chau Doc, Ha Tien, Rach Gia, Phu Quoc) so that it would be a big miss if tourists do not visit Vinh Long’s lush fruit orchards to immerse themselves into the natural world.

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Longans with thick and yellow flesh, thin skin, small seed, juicy and sweet flesh

Mekong Delta is often referred to as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam due its huge production of rice crops. Vegetables, exotic fruits and fishing also feature prominently here. Life in the delta revolves around the river, and as such this is the only real way to view and understand it. Would you like to be driven thereby Scooter and enjoy cruising on a hand-rowed sampan under the shadow of the water coconut trees along natural canals, then taste seasonal fruit honey tea to the sound of “Southern Vietnamese folk music”, performed by locals? Why not try our Private Mekong Delta Tour?

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