Quoting a higher price in markets is a common act in Southeast Asia including Vietnam. The foreigners coming to Vietnam the first time will be shocked because of it. In order to get an item at the right price, you should know how to bargain. I would like to share 6 Must things to know about Bargaining in Vietnam and I hope you will get the best deal on your item in the country.

1) A Price Tag Mostly Means The Price Cannot Be bargained

If something in the supermarket has a price tag on it, this would mean you will not be able to bargain the price down further. The same situation applies to fixed prices listed on menus or signs at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

2) Learn Some Vietnamese Phrases

It is still extremely helpful to have a few common sentences. Sellers will be surprised, delighted, and feel friendly with you when hearing you trying to bargain in Vietnamese.
There are three simple and helpful phrases that you should learn:
– xin chào /sin ʧaʊ / : hello
– cảm ơn /ga:m ʌn / : thank you
– đắt quá /dæt kwa: /: too expensive

3) Offer the sellers 1/2 of The Initial Price

At some markets for foreigners, bargain 1/2 of the initial price (1/3 at Ben Thanh market). If the seller does not agree, gradually raise the price up until your resistance point. And if the sellers still don’t agree, say thanks and walk away. Before that, do not express any kind of interest in the stuff you want to buy! The seller will call you, perhaps they will give you the real price. If not, you can come to the stall nearby where there is the same item that you need.

4) Find out the right prices

Before going to the market, you should find out the right price of the item you intend to buy online or do that from experienced friends. When being in the market, you should try to observe the local buyers: How they bargain with the sellers, and how much they pay. If there is a big distance between the selling price to foreigners and locals, do not be afraid to point it out. Sellers may realize how unfair this is and agree to sell at the right price.

5) Choose Well-known Taxi Brands for Long Rides

If you want to take a long ride, it had better use well-known taxi brands, such as Grab, Vinasun, and Mai Linh. You should ask the drivers to turn on the meter before starting your trip. Grab is available on the Appstore with a valid local number, you can download to use.

6) Be Careful with Your Attitude

Bargaining successfully will act as reinforcement for future negotiating activities. The more you practice, the more you become professional at it. To say a price higher than a real price is the habit in the selling of many Vietnamese sellers in many markets in Vietnam. This causes not a little difficulty for foreigners. However, do not think that the Vietnamese are not kind. Generally, Vietnamese people are very friendly and hospitable; they are ready to welcome you anywhere.