A guide to choosing Vietnamese Ao Dai

Experience in choosing beautiful ao dai making fabric for women. Ao dai is a very favorite Vietnamese traditional costume by not only domestic but also foreign women. Ready-to-wear ao dai does not meet your requirement and you want one measured and tailored for yourself. So the first thing to have a beautiful ao dai is to choose the fabric. Beautiful ao dai fabric suitable for the body will add to the beauty of the woman. The guide to choosing Vietnamese Ao Dai provides some experiences to choose a piece of beautiful fabric to make ao dai.

1. Material of Ao dai

Material is the first factor to decide whether your ao dai is perfect or not. Good material makes a beautiful and high-quality ao dai. Usually, chiffon, silk, velvet … are popular ao dai sewing materials that many people love. They have quite good elasticity and flyability which make the wearer feel comfortable. You should note chiffon is a picky material because it is usually for women with a standard body. Chiffon has a thin structure, hugging the body to highlight the curves but can also reveal many defects. Brocade is a luxurious material but does not have much elasticity. Therefore, when sewing ao dai with brocade, you should pay attention that you should not sew it close to the body, it will be difficult to move and uncomfortable for the wearer. Brocade is suitable for formal events, with few activities such as partying, reception. If you want to create flyability for your ao dai, you can choose light and soft fabrics like silk. Besides, materials such as lace or silk, in addition to the high elasticity, also absorb sweat well, helping to create a cool feeling for girls in hot weather.

2. Color of Ao dai

Color is the next factor determining the beauty of the ao dai. Choosing the right fabric color for you is not easy. You should choose a color that is appropriate for your age, skin tone, and body shape. for example, if you have a thin, short body, choose a light color, avoid choosing a dark color. Dark colors are often used for round shapes to conceal defects.
In addition, the Ao Dai color should also match the event you are going to attend. On a spring day, on the wedding day, you should choose yellow, red, and white. On the occasion of the opening ceremonies, parties you can choose a fabric with outstanding colors such as orange, pink, purple …combining stone, bead, embroidery is also an effective method to beautify the ao dai.

Colorful Ao Dai to wear at Tet festival.

3. Pattern of Ao dai

Finally, to choose a beautiful ao dai fabric, you need a pattern that suits your figure. If you have a plump figure, use ao dai fabrics with dark colors such as purple, dark red … incorporates many small, soft, light-colored vignettes on the fabric to conceal defects and slim themselves. In contrast, tall, thin girls can easily choose a more suitable ao dai fabric, color, pattern. what they wear also look elegant and gentle. Note that those who are too thin can choose fabrics with large patterns, materials made from brocade, glossy silk, or luxurious luster fabrics. This will help conceal your low-weight blemishes. For girls with modest height, you should choose ao dai with vignettes along the body. Besides, you should avoid large vignettes, stretching across your chest because they will shorten your real height.

Floral Ao Dai fabrics.

Above is the experience of choosing to buy ao dai making fabric for everyone. Hopefully, these sharing words will help you understand more about how to choose the beautiful fabric so that you can equip yourself with a suitable, delicate, and elegant ao dai.

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