Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Cần Thơ, Vietnam

Bằng Lăng Stork Garden or Bang Lang Stork Garden is located in Thới Bình Hamlet, Thới Thuận Commune, Thốt Nốt District, Cần Thơ City, Vietnam. The garden is a place for the ecotourism having the beauty of the countryside famous for thousands of storks. This is contributing to the diversity of tourism in Can Tho, attracting domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Would you like to discover this simple and wild place?

The owner of Bằng Lăng Stork Garden in Cần Thơ is Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thuyền, who is known as Bảy Cò. He said, in 1983, suddenly a herd of ghost stork (the kind of small stork with a black body, white-gray wing the same as leaf color) crowded hundreds parking in the garden. Soon they abruptly left the garden, until a year later, people saw them come back, and also brought the “new friends”. At that time, the herd of stork has estimated nearly a dozen species of all sizes and the quantity was up to thousands of ones. This time they settled here.

At that time, he himself was surprised to see that the herd of storks chose the garden to live in. However, being available the natural love and thinking that was the good thing coming in their family, so he discussed with his family to create additional conditions so that the birds lived well. This land had formerly been a rice field. There had been some bamboos, water coconuts, mangroves … He planted more trees so that the birds nested, dug more ponds to raise fish and snail so that they had food.

Over the years, with the care of his family, the trees in the garden are green, the number of storks coming and breeding here is increasing. The strange thing is that they are just around the corner of his home, but not intruding into other gardens. Gradually his 2-ha garden becomes a peaceful home for the storks. Up to now, more than 30 years with storks, Mr. Bay is considered as a special man having extensive knowledge and practical experience of storks.

In the garden there are many species of storks with numbers up to tens of thousands, they have different characteristics and behaviors. Most of the species are often back to the garden in the breeding season from August to January lunar year. Besides, there are also different bird styles gather back to here, making the garden more Multiform.

With crowded storks and peaceful green space of tranquil countryside, this garden has become an attractive destination for Can Tho tourism. If you come here in the spring, you can take a boat to visit the orchid garden and watch Bằng Lăng blossom, blooming on both sides of the river.

In the remaining seasons of the year, leading you to visit Bang Lang stork garden will be the cool shady village road, the green bamboo carpet as a dream dome. Through a simple wooden bridge into the garden, you will hear the “Stork music” as welcoming visitors.

Experiencing going to Bang Lang stork garden, the two the most ideal time to see the stork is: At 6-7 am when the stork flock flies to the sky, spread to find food everywhere. And at 17-18h when they come back, their wings tilted in the red clouds, calling each other noisily around the garden as a “stock market”.

In the garden, there is an observatory with a spiral staircase, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the botanical garden from the above. Standing on here, you can see when the flock gathering, the white of them like overwhelming the green of the leaves, this place is really the happy home of the stork style.

Bằng lăng stork flock has a peaceful place to live, what a happy they are! The writer wishes everywhere in the world would have enough places for the wildlife, enough homes for the poor people. The author admired Mr.Bảy Cò, who has a human heart.

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