17 Best Dutch Foods

Dutch foods are not as famous as foods of other European countries such as France and Italy. However, it does not mean that Dutch foods are not delicious. Trying some of the best Dutch foods are a must on your trip to the Netherlands.

Hollandse Nieuwe Haring

Best Dutch Foods

perhaps is the most famous Dutch food. Hollandse Nieuwe consists of Raw herring (forage fish, mostly belonging to the family Clupeidae) which are only caught between May and July, served raw with chopped raw onions and gherkins. New herring is eaten by lifting up the herring by its tail into the air and then take a bite upwards. The preparation must be done according to the Dutch tradition: cleaning, removing the head, conserving with salt in a special way.


Kroket is the Dutch name for Croquette – a small breadcrumbed fried food roll made from ground meat (chicken, beef, veal, or turkey), fish, ham, cheese, shellfish, mashed potatoes, or vegetables, sauce, white bread, onion, herbs, egg, wine, beer, milk, etc. The original Dutch Kroket contains beef or veal.


Bitterballen is a fried breadcrumbed meat-based ball, filled with a mixture of beef, beef broth, butter, flour, and spices. This food is a snack pairing well with beer.

Lekkerbekje and Kibbeling

Lekkerbekje and Kibbeling is the Dutch variety of fish and chips but without the chips. The main ingredient for the food is white fish, commonly codfish or whiting, coated in batter, then fried in oil until crispy.


Patat is the Dutch version of French Fries, it is thicker than the French ones. Dutch people love to eat this food with various toppings such as curry, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, or peanut sauce. Patatje oorlog – the most famous version of Patat consists of fries, mayonnaise, raw chopped onions, and peanut sauce.


Rookworst – a Dutch smoked sausage which distinguishes from the others by bigger size and a bit crispier skin.


Erwtensoep or Snert is a very thick soup made of split peas, celery, leeks, carrots, and pork. The soup is usually served with some slices of rookworst and rye bread with katenspek – a type of Dutch bacon.


Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish made from mashed potatoes, vegetables or sometimes fruits. It is served best with rookworst.


The Netherlands is the largest cheese exporter in the world. They have been making cheese since 800 B.C. There is a wide range of cheese in the country. The Dutch eat cheese for breakfast, on sandwiches for lunch or as a snack, served with mustard at the end of the day. The majority of Dutch cheeses are semi-hard or hard cheeses. Gouda, Edam, Old Amsterdam are the most popular cheeses from the Netherlands.


Oliebollen – the traditional Dutch food, eaten on New Year’s Eve and at funfairs. Oliebollen are a variety of sphere-shaped dumpling made by using an ice cream scoop to scoop and drop the dough into hot oil in a pan. Main ingredients for this treat are flour, eggs, milk, baking powder, yeast, salt, and usually sultanas, currants, raisins and sometimes zest or succade (candied fruit). Oliebollen are usually served with powdered sugar.


Hagelslag, sprinkles or sugar strands, which are very small pieces of confectionery used as a decoration or to add texture to desserts. The food comes in various colors and flavors (the most popularly chocolate, licorice, or fruit).


best Dutch foods

Drop or licorice is a confection, made with starch/flour, gum arabic, gelatin or a combination thereof, extract of the roots of the licorice plant, sugar, binder, and others. Additional ingredients are beeswax, ammonium chloride, and molasses. Dutch consumption of licorice is the highest in the world. So that there is no reason why you do not taste this favorite candy in the Netherlands.


Stroopwafel is a waffle consisting of two thin layers of baked dough and caramel syrup filling in the middle. Main ingredients for Stroopwafel’ stiff dough are flour, butter, brown sugar, yeast, milk, and eggs.


best Dutch foods

Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat, resembling small, fluffy pancakes made with yeast and buckwheat flour. They have a light, spongy texture and are served with powdered sugar.


best Dutch foods

Pannenkoeken or Dutch pancake is usually larger and much thinner than pancakes in other countries, but not as thin as a crepe.


Traditional Dutch appeltaart has a sweet cakey dough on the bottom and edges, with a lattice on the top. The apple slices in the filling are flavored with cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice.

Chocolate letters

best Dutch foods

Chocolate letter is a Dutch candy made of chocolate in the form of a letter. Chocolate letters are given as gifts at Sinterklaas, the Dutch celebration of Sint Nicolaas in early December.

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