Dong Da Festival in Binh Dinh

Having become a routine, on the fourth and the fifth of the Lunar New Year, Dong Da Festival, one of the biggest early spring festivals in Binh Dinh Province is organized to memorize Emperor Quang Trung and Ngoc Hoi-Dong Da victory.

Returning Historical stream, since Man Thanh dynasty had been established, it had harbored the thought invading Vietnam but had not found why to do. Taking advantage of the helping request of King Le Chieu Thong, Ton Si Nghi, a general of Thanh dynasty led the army to struck Vietnam with the force of  200, 000 soldiers. Thanh dynasty occupied Thang Long Citadel and then built the pots around to protect.

In 1789 Emperor Quang Trung led the army to march forward Thang Long. Before going into Thang Long, he struck Ngoc Hoi and Dong Da posts. At Dong Da post happened a battle extremely fiercely. At night, Tay Son (The name of a village in Binh Dinh where Nguyen Hue or King Quang Trung was born) army used cannons to fire to the post. Struck suddenly, Thanh army died countlessly, broke and ran away. Sam Nghi Dong (a general of Thanh dynasty) killed himself. After that, Tay Son army went straight to Thang Long Citadel.

In 1792  Emperor Quang Trung passed away of illness. In order to memorize the national hero and Ngoc Hoi-Dong Da Victory, people built temples in many places of which Binh Dinh Province is one.

The festival programme happens on the fourth afternoon with the special traditional ceremony held at the Tay Son. The ceremony is organized in a large area with flags and parasols all over the sky, gongs and drums resounding. The people joining the ceremony feel their harts mix river and mountain spirit.

Although the program of the fish changes yearly, the main parts do not still change. First, the speech talking about Tay Son movement’s history in which the most important event is Ngoc Hoi-Dong Da victory. Next, Performances such as Tay Son Battle Drum, martial arts, Ngoc Hoi-Dong Da battle. The activities happen on this day is extremely exciting.

Dong Da Festival in Binh Dinh is one of the most famous festivals in Central Viet Nam. Traveling to Binh Dinh on early spring days, do not forget to join this festival.

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