Fairy Tale of Jade Rabbit in Vietnam

Every year, on August 15 of the lunar calendar, the countries of Eastern Asia cultural sphere happen Mid-Autumn Festival. Vietnamese children are excited to listen to the fairy tales at Mid-Autumn Festival, especially fairy tale of Moon Lady in Vietnam (Chang’e, Hằng Nga), Moon Rabbit (or Jade Rabbit, Thỏ Trắng). There are many fairy tales that go along with the festival, including the fairy tale of Jade Rabbit, which is mentioned a lot in China and Japan. There are some versions of this tale.

Moon rabbit or Jade rabbit in Vietnam

Moon rabbit or Jade rabbit in Vietnam.

Version 1 of Fairy Tale of Jade Rabbit in Vietnam

One upon a time, there were 3 fairies who turned into poor old men to try the hearts of 3 animals: Fox, Monkey and Rabbit. The fairies ask for the food of the animals. Fox and Monkey had some food to give the old men, but Rabbet had nothing in hands. Therefore, Rabbit jumped into the fire right next to him, baking himself to make food for the old men. The fairies were deeply moved by the heart of Rabbit, so they took him to the moon to make friends with the Moon Lady, enjoying the peaceful scene. At that time, suddenly his body became pure and bright, also since then, Rabbit has been called Jade Rabbit.

Version 2 of Fairy Tale of Jade Rabbit in Vietnam

In the old days, because the crop failed, the creatures were about to die of hunger. Animals killed each other to have food. Weak rabbits could not face dangerous animals, so they lied down in a secret place together not eating. Both hungry and cold, suddenly seeing a fire nearby, they came near and lied down around both looked at each other and cried. Facing with that troubled situation, a rabbit moved compassion, jumped into the fire, burned himself to make food for his fellows. Just that time, Buddha passed, He secretly praised the rabbit’s kindness, picked up his bones, turned it into a jade rabbit clear and bright, brought it to the moon so that it lived with the Moon Lady, enjoying a peaceful life.

Version 3 of Fairy Tale of Jade Rabbit in Vietnam

In the old days, there was a pair of rabbits meditating for thousands of years, so they became enlightened and became fairies. They had a very cute flock of children. One day, the Jade Emperor called the husband to the heavenly courts. When going to the southern heavenly court gate the husband rabbit saw Thai Bach Kim Tinh (The name of a fairy in China tale) transferring the Moon Lady to return to the moon after being convicted by the Jade Emperor. The husband rabbit did not understand what had happened and asked the gatekeeper. He said because the Moon Lady had compromised with Hau Nghe to shoot down nine suns that were the sons of Jade Emperor, so Jade Emperor had accused her and had forced her to return to the moon and had stayed forever on it. After listening to the Moon Lady’s situation, the husband rabbit thought that because of helping human beings, the Moon Lady was punished, having to be lonely. The husband rabbit suddenly thought of his four children and immediately flew back home.

The husband rabbit brought the story of the Moon Lady to his wife and said he wanted to bring a young rabbit to the moon to make friends with the Moon Lady. Although his wife was very sympathetic to the Moon Lady, she did not want to leave her children. The young rabbits did not also want to leave their parents, all rabbits cried. The husband said to his children, “If I were locked up, would you live with me? Because of rescuing human beings, the Moon Lady is implicated, why do not we love her? Children, we cannot just think of ourselves! ” The little rabbits understood their father’s heart, so all agreed to his intention. The couple rabbits moved to tear, looking at their children smiling. They decided to let the youngest rabbit go. The youngest rabbit parted from his parents and sisters, went to the moon to live with the Moon Lady.

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