God of Wealth or Thần Tài

The God of Wealth (Vietnamese: Thần Tài, Tiền Hậu Địa Chủ Tài Thần, Tài Thần) is a god belonging to the folk belief in East Asian cultural region (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam) who brings money, property for each family.

Earth God Ông Địa and God of Wealth or Thần Tài

Earth God Ông Địa (left) and God of Wealth or Thần Tài (right) on the altar.

The God of Wealth is usually described as a man with white hair and beard, a happy and kind face, and hands holding a gold bar or strings of coins. The god usually helps the business of the host to be favorable and develop. The God of wealth with the Earth God always paying attention to the poor. Indoors, the God of Wealth is worshiped together with the Earth God in a corner of the front department. On the altar, there is always a plate of fruit, a vase of flowers. Every morning, people burn incense, offer water. Every month, on the 1st and the 15th of the lunar calendar, people lay the offerings better than usual. The celebration day of the God of Wealth is January 10th of the lunar calendar. On this day people offer very decent gifts, even with roasted pork. The rich usually buy gold on the celebration day to get good luck. Whenever people have a new business, they pray the god for help, and when they succeed, they return the favor.

The image of the God of Wealth has been in the hearts of the people belonging to the East Asian cultural region for thousands of years. In the minds of East Asian people, the God of Wealth is very close and familiar, always supporting them to have a peaceful and prosperous life. Worshiping the God of Wealth helps people have confidence in the success of their business.

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