Going to Vietnam: readers’ tips, recommendations and travel advice

Experience the life in Vietnam countryside

It was a tour traveling from Hanoi to countryside where we have chance to plant rice and harvest the crops. On the tour, I can see many interesting things such as two men using one shovel, people carry animals on bicycles. Land market is fabulous place where you can interact with locals, know how they sell and buy strange products.

mekong delta vietnam

Taking train to Sapa

Escape Hanoi with the traffic chaos and heat by taking the overnight train to Sapa mountain. The train noisy and slow, the ride is bouncy. Sapa is great for trekking and has a fascinating market. The best time to go is January or February. It’s a best starter of your trip to Vietnam.

Crawl the Cu Chi Tunnels

It would be a big miss if you don’t join a tour to Cu Chi tunnels when come to Ho Chi Minh city. You will have chance to marvel at the ingenuity of the Viet Cong who hide underground to fight for the nation’s independence. The life is extremely hard and you can wander a part of the tunnels, see chimneys, kitchens, school, sleeping spaces and shelters… which serve hundreds of patriots. You just pay for the bullets and fire any gun of the period, including the AK47.

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour

Zip the streets on motorbike

A visit to Vietnam would not be complete without driving around Saigon where there are various things to do such as local wet market, special streets, street foods… The highlight of this way exploring the city is that it makes you feel like locals.

Saigon Sightseeing & Food Tour by Motorbike

Relax in Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is special for a tangled network of rivers, tributaries and canals. The waters of the delta criss-cross the low lands of SouthVietnam, before flowing into the East Sea through mighty and yawning estuaries. The life in this region is so unique that it’s worth a trip experience it. Floating market in Mekong Delta is also a noteworthy place that I highly recommend you to explore.

Mekong Delta Tour

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