Guide to Travel Cua Lo Beach in North Central, Vietnam

Cua Lo is a famous Beach in North Central, attracting millions of tourists every year to swim, relax and entertain with a long beach, fine sand, small waves. If you have not been to Cua Lo once and want to discover it, you can read our guide to have a perfect trip.

1. Where is Cua Lo Beach?

Cua Lo Beach is located in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province. Cua Lo is also the place to pour into the sea of two famous big rivers, Cam River and Lam River. Cua Lo is more than 15km from Vinh city, takes more than 30 minutes by car, the transportation system is also very convenient, a combination of guest houses and hotels and many delicious restaurants are just walking minutes away from the sea.

Cua Lo Beach

2. How to go to Cua Lo Beach?

Not only Cua Lo but quite many beaches in the North also have clear high and low seasons. Therefore, in the summer months of 5,6,7,8, the number of visitors to Cua Lo is the largest. Around this time, coming to Cua Lo, you will feel a bit crowded and cramped, but it is also the best time to swim, sunbathe, cool off in the summer. In contrast, in the winter and early spring months from October this year to March next year, the sea is cold, and very few visitors come. Also around the autumn of September, October, Cua Lo often has storms, so there are no visitors at this time.

3. Where to stay when coming to Cua Lo Beach?

Because Cua Lo only welcomes guests in the summer tourist season, coming here at this time, the room’s price goes up. Hotels in Cua Lo are mainly built in the style of 2 large beds, usually 1m6, enough for a family of 4 to share. One more note for you that the price at the beginning of the week or weekend when booking the hotel is also different. The beginning of the week is counted from 12 noon on Sunday to 12 noon on Thursday, and the rest is at weekends. Weekend prices can be much higher than the prices at the beginning of the week. You can refer to some hotels and villas below:

Muong Thanh Hotel

Muong Thanh Hotel Cua Lo is a 4-star hotel with a swimming pool at the hotel, a shopping supermarket, a children’s playing area, a cafe, and a swimming pool on the 5th floor to meet all your needs.

Address: 232 Binh Minh, Nghi Thu, Cua Lo, Nghe An

Villa Golf Course

Villa Golf Course is a complex of 5-star and 3-star hotels, embracing the wind of Cua Lo beach, with full amenities and a very luxurious and classy golf course.

Address: Binh Minh Street – Nghi Huong Ward – Cua Lo ward – Nghe An

In addition, you can refer to three-star hotels in Cua Lo such as Pacific Hotel, Green Hotel, 3D Hotel, Kim Ngan Hotel, Agribank Hotel, Vu Huong Hotel.

4. What to do when coming Cua Lo?

Cua Lo Beach

Cua Lo Beach has been very popular with tourists in the summer because of the blue clear sea water, fine sand, and rather quiet waves. If you go with a family with young children, you can take the children to Chamomile Park near the beach to play games for children here. In addition, at Cua Lo, there are water motorbike games, squid fishing at night is also quite interesting.

Cua Lo Beach

Lan Chau Island

Lan Chau Island is located at the top of Cua Lo beach, shaped like a giant toad facing the sea from a distance. Lan Chau has a wharf and beautiful pristine rocky beaches, the island also divides Cua Lo beach into two separate zones. The most obvious is when the tide rises, the east is oddly shaped cliffs stretching to the sea while the west is connected to the mainland to form a peninsula. In the afternoon, you can rent a bicycle, pedal back up the road to Cua Lo port, to Lan Chau, and watch the beautiful sunset fall into the sea. Lan Chau has the floor of King Bao Dai, if you stand from here, you can observe the whole landscape of the sea and sky.

Lan Chau Island

Hon Ngu Island

Ngu consists of two islands, large and small, that look like two fish from a distance, so someone calls it by the name Song Ngu (a pair of parallel fishes). You can take the Cano to the island with a round-trip ticket of 180k / person. On the island, there is a gravel beach stretching for kilometers, each time the waves drift in, the feeling of walking barefoot on the gravel so that the waves touch is so relaxing. Here you can also bathe at Tien Beach that the water is very clean and clear. On the island, there is also Ngu Pagoda with 2 loc vung trees that are passed down to more than 600 years old and Ngoc well that has fresh water and very sacred.

Hon Ngu Island


Lotus Village, the hometown of Uncle Ho

From Vinh City, following National Highway 46 about 15km, you will come to Lotus Village. Here you have an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air of the peaceful countryside, the sound of the wind rustling through the bamboo rows, the rows of hibiscus blooming red, the green areca rows faintly sending out perfume.

Lotus Village

Pu Mat National Forest

If having a long time, you can plan to go to Pu Mat National Park. 120km from the Cua Lo tourist area to the Northwest, the journey will be full of emotions when you go to both the sea and the forest. Pu Mat with countless animals and plants will be an attraction for you.

Pu Mat National Forest

5. What to eat at Cua Lo?

Cua Lo Nhay Squid

Cua Lo squid is one of the famous specialties here. This squid caught from the sea is still fresh, then through special processing, you will enjoy the results on the spot. Needless to say, this squid is very fragrant and crispy through the process, try dipping a piece with chili sauce and pepper salt mixed with lemon. However, do not forget that squid can be made boiled squid, steamed squid that is also equally delicious.

Cua Lo Nhay Squid

Cua Lo seven-dish Gio fish

Cua Lo seven-dish gio fish is a new specialty in Nghe An. The fish has solid meat. It has high nutrition, is processed into dishes such as fish salad, steamed fish with lemongrass, fried fish heart, fish hotpot, fish porridge, fried fish fin, and crispy skin.

Cua Lo fish sauce

Cua Lo fish sauce is famous for fishing and fish sauce processing facilities. Cua Lo fish sauce is made from fresh fish with a special aroma.

Cua Lo shrimp sauce

Cua Lo shrimp sauce is an indispensable spice during the processing of many dishes here. Cua Lo shrimp sauce is usually eaten with hot white rice to feel the delicious taste of the shrimp sauce. In addition, the shrimp sauce is used to make a sauce, served with vermicelli, cooked with meat and salt…Cua Lo has no shortage of specialties of Nghe An such as Nghe An eel porridge, Cua Lo clam porridge, Do Luong rice cake, Vinh orange.

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