Guide to Travel Dak Nong, Central Highland, Vietnam

Dak Nong is one of five provinces in the Central Highlands region, Vietnam. Coming to the Central Highlands, visitors have the opportunity to admire the unspoiled landscape, majestic or gentle waterfalls, peaceful lakes, and mysterious caves. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the food of the Central Highlands mountains. With Guide to Travel Dak Nong, I hope you have a safe, enjoyable, and useful trip.

Where is Dak Nong located?

Dak Nong is a province located at the southern gateway of Tay Nguyen and has the central city of Gia Nghia. The West of Dak Nong borders Cambodia, with important border gates of Vietnam and Cambodia. The main terrain of Dak Nong is mountains, interspersed with plateaus and low-lying plains. Around Dak Nong is a network of rivers and lakes, which is convenient for the province to develop industry and agriculture.

Travel Dak Nong

The main terrain of Dak Nong is mountainous terrain.

The best time to travel to Dak Nong

The climate in Dak Nong is clearly divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts in May and ends in October, the dry season starts from November to April next year. The time when you can explore Dak Nong is very diverse, almost any time. However, the ideal time to go to Dak Nong is February and March because these are the driest months, convenient transportation.

If you want to see a waterfall with a lot of white water, you can come during the rainy season. In Dak Nong, there are many unique and traditional festivals such as the new rice harvest festival, the gong festival, the buffalo stabbing festival… taking place at any time of the year.

Travel Dak Nong

You can travel to Dak Nong at any time.

How to reach Dak Nong?

Going from Hanoi

From Hanoi to Dak Nong, you can choose by coach or by plane. The coach will take you to the center of Dak Nong with a ticket price of about 700 – 800,000 VND but the time is quite long about 30 hours. Traveling by plane, you go to the airport in Ho Chi Minh City and choose the coach to Dak Nong.

Going from Ho Chi Minh City

Dak Nong is 250km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, there are many bus trips at bus stations during the day for you to go to Dak Nong. You can refer to some coach companies such as Thao Lan, Hong Phuc. Travel time is about 9 hours.

Where to Stay in Dak Nong Dak Nong?

Although it is not a famous tourist destination, there are many hotels and guest houses in Dak Nong for you to choose to stay. Most tourists choose Gia Nghia as the center to rest because it is also a location near other tourist attractions. The rest points also support motorbike rental at a relatively cheap price for your reference, only about 70,000 VND/day.

Which places to visit when coming to Dak Nong?

Dray Sap, Gia Long, and Trinh Nu waterfalls

Dray Sap, Gia Long, and Trinh Nu waterfalls are famous waterfalls of Dak Nong with an area of up to 1,566ha. The waterfall cluster has three different waterfalls, each with different attractive beauty.

Dray Sap Waterfall

Address: Ea T’ling Town, Cu Jut District.

Dray Sap Waterfall is also considered the most beautiful waterfall in the Central Highlands, which is attracted by its grandeur and famous legend. When traveling to Dak Nong, if you have the opportunity to get to stand in front of this 50m high, 100m long waterfall, you will surely be surprised by the majesty that nature bestows on the mountains and forests of Central Highlands.

Dray Sap waterfall

The majestic Dray Sap waterfall.

Referring to Dray Sap waterfall, people also mention the romantic love story of H’mi who was swallowed by a monster while dating her lover. Legend has it that the giant waterfall columns are the incarnations of her and her lover turning into big trees, deeply embedded in the ground, next to the waterfall.

Dray Sap waterfall

Looking at the waterfall, thinking about the romance of the H’mi girl.

Gia Long Waterfall

In the past, King Gia Long chose this place as a place to enjoy the beautiful scenery, that’s why it was called Gia Long waterfall. The waterfall has a height of 40m, next to the waterfall, there is a Fairy Pool area and a beautiful cave that you can conquer on your journey.

Gia Long Waterfall

Discovering the beauty of Gia Long Waterfall.
Gia Long Waterfall

Wild nature.

Trinh Nu Waterfall

Address: Dak So Commune, Krong No District.

Right from the name, one can imagine a gentle, gentle, and timid waterfall. Of the three waterfalls, Trinh Nu Waterfall has a different beauty from the other two waterfalls with poetic beauty. The waterfall looks like a virgin crouching under the rugged cliffs, creating a charming beauty. Organizing picnic activities next to Trinh Nu Waterfall is a perfect experience for you when you have the opportunity to come to Dak Nong.

Trinh Nu Waterfall

The waterfall is gentle and timid.

Nam Nung eco-cultural-historical tourist area

Stretching with an area of 12,300ha, Nam Nung eco-cultural-historical tourist area has a lot of potential for development for Dak Nong. The deeper you go inside, the more surprised you will be by the natural beauty of this place, especially the majestic July area. There are many rare species of flora and fauna, especially the primeval forest with the main area, especially the plants with a long life. Thought nature here was wild and scary, but no. When setting foot inside the forest, you will surely be completely conquered by the harmony of nature, attracting visitors to discover more and more mysteries.

Ea Sno Lake

Address: Dak Ro commune – Krong No district.

Ea Sno Lake has an area of 80ha surrounded by mountains and forests. Ea Sno Lake is 125km from the center of Gia Nghia City, you can move in the direction from Gia Long junction along provincial road 4 to Dak Mam Town. The road to Ea Sno Lake is quite difficult, so ask the people carefully to avoid getting lost, but if you get into Ea Sno Lake, you will feel extremely well worth the effort.

Ea Sno Lake

The scenery of Ea Sno lake is like a picture.

Among thousands of trees and mountains, Ea Sno Lake is like a picture, reflecting the sky into the transparent water. Traveling to Dak Nong, to find yourself peace of mind, Ea Sno Lake is the choice that you should not miss.

Ea Sno Lake

Peaceful Ea Sno Lake.

Ta Dung Nature Reserve

Address: Dak P’lao Commune and Dak Som Commune, Dak Glong District.

Ta Dung Nature Reserve covers an area of 22,103 ha, covered with green forest and many rare and precious animals and plants, many of which have been recorded in the Red Book. For those who are passionate about traveling to explore and experience the green forest, this is the ideal place. When going deep inside the reserve, you can also see the Dak N’teng stream, which is upstream of two magnificent waterfalls.

Ta Dung Nature Reserve

Ta Dung Nature Reserve is covered with many precious plant species.

Ta Dung Lake, which is likened to the Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands, hosts many bird species endemic to Vietnam located in Dak Nong Province.

Ta Dung Lake

Chu Bluk

Address: Buon Choah commune, Krong No district, Dak Nong province.

Chu Bluk is the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia, containing many wild looks because not many people have set foot here. Inside  Chu Bluk includes 5 caves with different beauties, created from lava that erupted millions of years ago. The distance to Chu Bluk cave is quite wild, with many weeds and thorns, although it is dangerous, it will be an interesting experience that you will not forget when coming to Dak Nong.

Chu Bluk

Chu Bluk is the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia.

Phap Hoa Pagoda

Address: The central hill of Gia Nghia City.

Phap Hoa Pagoda area has an area of 800m2, built in 1957 according to the architecture of stilt houses of the Central Highlands. The main architecture consists of two parts, the main hall, and the 5-storey tower. The space of the temple is surrounded by mountains and green trees, is a quiet place for you to admire the temple and get away from the noisy city.

Dak Nong specialties should not be missed

The land of Dak Nong is not only favored by nature for its beautiful scenery but also has many unique dishes, imbued with the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands. When traveling to Dak Nong, do not forget to try can wine – a typical drink of the Central Highlands. People in the Central Highlands often cook can wine to sacrifice to heaven and earth, drink every day, and also sell it throughout the lowlands.

drinking wine in Dak Nong

Unique can wine in the Central Highlands.

Many idyllic dishes of the Dak Nong people that you should try are the soup made from fried rattan buds and fried canned fish. Forest leaf hot pot is also a typical dish in Dak Nong, made from 20 different types of leaves, each bite is very cool and spicy. In addition, Dak Nong also has many specialties such as charcoal-grilled salmon… or a delicious cup of Duc Lap Coffee.

Dak Nong specialties are rich

Dak Nong specialties are rich.

Notes when traveling to Dak Nong

– In Dak Nong, the road is still quite difficult to go, so when you come to conquer Dak Nong, you should be careful to go slowly to ensure safety.

The tourist spots in Dak Nong are still quite wild and dense, so when going to make sure, you should follow a large group and pay attention to tripping.

– For a fresh and peaceful scene of Dak Nong, don’t forget to protect the environment!

travel to Dak Nong

Nature conservation when traveling to Dak Nong.

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