Han Market in Danang

Established in 1940s, Han Market is the oldest market in Danang. With beautiful architecture and the long-standing existence, the market has become the symbol of the city. In the past, Han Market is considered a market for rich people to buy expensive items. In the recent, the market sells a wide range of products at different prices. It is not only a favorite place for local people to buy all things the need for their life but also a must-visit market for tourists.

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Han Market in Danang

Han Market in Danang. Image: dulichdanang.xyz.

General information

Location: Han Market, 119 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward, Hai Chau District, Danang. The market is next to Han River Swing Bridge. It faces 4 streets: Hung Vuong, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao, and Bach Dang.

Opening hours: 6:00 – 7:00.

History of Han Market

The old Han Market was established in 1940s. It had been a commercial area, started by a group of local people.

On May 19, 1990, the construction of the new Han market was started and completed nearly one year later. It was inaugurated on March 29, 1991.

The new market has been said to be air-ventilated and beautiful.

What are sold at Han Market?

The two-story Han Market has a total area of 28,000 m2. There are more than 576 stores inside the building and 36 kiosks around the building. There are over 30 product groups in the market. All items are arranged tidily and make customers comfortable.

Ha Market sells shoes, clothes, textiles, bags, souvenirs, gifts. Especially, the market is famous thanks to fresh fruits, fresh seafood, Danang specialties such as fermented foods, dried foods. The market is a paradise of souvenirs so that I would like to recommend you to go there to choose and buy some great things.

Inside Han Market.

Inside Han Market. Image: dichoidanang.com.

Safe and comfortable place to go shopping in Danang

Vendors are friendly and helpful. Most of them speak limited English, some can speak a little English. However, they are familiar with tourists, especially international tourists. So that, you will be comfortable to shop there. Certainly, you should bargain and save money when buying something at Han Market.

The security and food safety are guaranteed at the market. There is no scam at the market.

The market at night

During the day, Han Market is always crowded and noisy. At night, it becomes a quiet place. At the crossroads of Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc, some fruit stalls open, sell fresh fruits to local people and tourists who are walking around the streets when the sun goes down.

What to eat at Han Market?

Han Market has not only clothes but also prepared foods. The top foods for local people at this local market include snail dishes, soup cake with tapioca noodles (bánh canh bột lọc), Quang noodles, Ching Bo Leung sweet soup (sâm bổ lượng), etc. I would like to recommend foreigners to enjoy smoothies from fresh fruits, flan cakes, sweet soups, grilled beef in betel leaf, pork patties, noodle soups including soup cake with seafood and Quang noodles, savory cakes such as wet cake, tapioca dumplings with pork and shrimp, bloating fern shaped cake, Vietnamese pancake at the market.

dessert stall at Han Market

Dessert stall at Han Market. Image: monngondathanh.com.

Grilled beef in betel leaf

Grilled beef in betel leaf. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

soup cake with seafood at Han Market

Soup cake with seafood at Han Market. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

bloating fern shaped cake at Han Market

Bloating fern shaped cake at Han Market. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

tapioca dumplings with pork and shrimp at Han Market

Tapioca dumplings with pork and shrimp at Han Market. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

Quang noodles at Phu Chiem stall

Quang noodles at Phu Chiem stall. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

extremely spicy snails at Han Market

Extremely spicy snails at Han Market. Image: hoangviettravel.vn.

Summary of Han Market in Danang

Thanks to the great location, long-standing existence, a large numbers of products, and the local life, Han Market has been one of the top places to go shopping, learn more about Danang city and people. Although there are more and more shopping centers are open in Danang, Han Market still attracts a large number of tourists who would like to buy at a market since 1940s,  interact with local vendors, and learn more about Danang and Vietnamese cultures.

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