Nowadays, traveling is not only for the rich. The average income earner can also carry out this, as long as he knows how to save money during the trip. You can buy plane tickets and rent hotels at cheap prices. Today, it only takes a few minutes to How to Find Comfortable and Cheap Hotel anywhere in Vietnam.

How to Find Comfortable and Cheap Hotel

Where to Search for Cheap Hotels?

There is an infinite number of websites where you can look for various types of hotel rooms. We introduce 4 best websites.

Website is probably the best one of all. There are hundreds of thousands of hotels, vacation apartments, and hostels all over the world. You can filter the rooms by various parameters, by their locality, and so on. The website is in many different languages and has a 24/7 customer supporting hotline.

Through the Hotelscombined website, you can compare all prices for the same hotel. Prices for one room can be different much.

Some people think that hostels have low quality. Actually, some hostels are more comfortable than hotels. They have wifi, a laundry room, a fully-equipped kitchen, and they often serve breakfast. So, there is no reason to avoid them.

The service that offers accommodation via homestay network is becoming more and more favorite now. It can range from a sofa in someone’s living room to a large suite with a swimming pool and a view of the sea. If you want to try Airbnb, we will share Airbnb travel credit (good for up to $37) to use for your next booking.

The Best Time to Search Cheap Hotels

There are times when the hotel cost becomes very high. Try to avoid Christmas, Tet festival and other holidays when there is almost no chance to find anything at a low cost. The same applies to a high season. For example, room prices anywhere in Italy in August and September are also high because this time is a summer holiday in Italy.

How to save on hotel rooms


If you like a little bit of adventure, try to travel at night by bus or train. It is a common way of traveling in many nations (this type of traveling is ideal in Peru and Bolivia). It is comfortable, cheap, and it saves you time and money for hotels.

Do you like nature? If yes, you can start camping during your travels. You can find a place to build a tent, cook breakfast in the morning, and take a shower in almost any corner of the world, and it’s always considerably cheaper than any hostel. You don’t even have to go to camping sites because it is legal to camp almost anywhere in many countries. Owning a tent or just a hammock allows you to visit outlying places where you could hardly find any hotel for example Oman.

In addition, it would be perfect to rent a car while camping; we suggest renting a car
on or Then, you could have absolute freedom and you wouldn’t be limited by hotels or transportation anymore. Just a car and tent, we spend a few bucks for traveling in Oman.