Kieu Ky Quy Gold Making Village in Hanoi, Vietnam

Kieu Ky Quy Gold Making Village (Kieu Ky Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi City) is the only trade village in Vietnamese specializing in Quy Gold making (Quy Gold means Vàng Qùy in Vietnamese. It is a kind of extremely thin gold leaf). Quy Gold is made from 24-karat gold. 3.75 grams of 24-karat gold can be made into 1.2 square meters Quy Gold. Making Quy Gold leaves requires the artists to have to have lots of patience and skill. To get the Quy Gold leaves, artists have to spend 20 stages. The stages are able to be spoken shortly as follows:

– processing the ink which has effect making Quy Paper soft.

– making Quy Paper (in Vietnamese Quy Paper means Giấy Quỳ). It is a kind of paper to put pieces of small gold leaves on in order to beat.

– spread the ink on each Quy Paper sheet (each Quy Paper sheet having the area of 7 cm2).

– put small gold leaves having the area of 1 cm2  interleave between Quy Paper sheets into masses.

– Use a hammer to beat the masses so that small gold leaves become extremely thin gold leaves.

– extract the extremely thin gold leaves from Quy Paper.

Ancient books said that Mr. Nguyen Quy Tri was the ancestor of Kieu Ky Quy Gold Making Village. He passed the contest of doctor in Le Canh Hung time (1740-1786). In 1763, he was appointed to China as an ambassador. By the way, he learned Quy Gold making occupation. When coming back to Vietnam, he handed down the profession to villagers. After he passed away, the villagers established the temple to remember him.

The trade village has spent 400 years existing and developing. Before 1945, Quy Gold had been loved a lot. it was chosen to stick on the things in the royal palaces, pagodas, temples, big building, mausoleum all over Vietnam. Between 1945 and 1986, Quy Goold making occupation went down because of the difficult economic situation of Vietnam. Since 1986, Vietnam has changed the market economy, cultural and historical constructions have been restored, so the trade village has gradually gone up. Quy Gold of Kieu Ky is used to glue on value things everywhere including Hanoi City Big Opara House, Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Kieu Ky Quy Gold Making Village is the unique trade village in Vietnamese specializing in Quy Gold making. It is also the oldest and most famous trade village in North Vietnam. If you have a chance to travel to Hanoi, do not forget to visit this special village. By the way, you can visit other trade villages in Hanoi City such as Bronze Casting Village in Ba Dinh District, Vong Village’s Green Sticky Rice in Cau Giay District, Thanh Khuc Banh Chung Village in Thanh Tri District.

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