Legend of Yellow Apricot Blossom & Legend of Peach Blossom on Vietnamese New Year

It is said that apricot trees are a symbol of luck for a year, peach trees are considered a type of tree used to exorcise, driving away badness to bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to homeowners. However, the two excellent species of trees that make up the beauty of these 3 regions of Vietnam have long-standing Legend of Yellow Apricot Blossom & Legend of Peach Blossom on Vietnamese New Year that few people know about.

The legend of yellow apricot blossom in the Central Vietnam and the South

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mai (English: apricot), the daughter of a hunter who was very brave. At the age of fourteen, the girl was trained in martial arts by her father and became competently. At that time, a devil came to disturb villagers; the villagers hang a prize killing the devil. Therefore, the father and the daughter together killed it, but unfortunately, before he died, the devil had risen up to kill the girl.

Respecting the kind and brave heart of the girl and moving for the crying of the mother, the Kitchen God pleaded the Jade Emperor to make the girl relive and return to the family for nine days. The Jade Emperor accepted the requirement of the Kitchen God. Therefore, the girl returned home in her original form with her family for nine days from December 28 until January 6 of the lunar calendar every year. Later, when the parents and all relatives of the girl died, the girl did not return home but turned into a flowering tree growing at the temple that people set up to worship her. Seeing the strange flowering tree growing at the temple and blooming yellow flowers for nine days on Tet holiday, the villagers named the tree Mai and branched out to plant everywhere to prevent devils and ghosts from disturbing every Tet coming. This has been passing down many generations in Central Vietnam and South Vietnam and has become a custom.

Legend of Yellow Apricot Blossom

The legend of peach blossom in the North

In the old days, in the east of Soc Son mountain, there was an old big peach tree. The unusually large and shady peach branches cover a large area. There are two gods named Tra and Uat Luy residing on the tree, spreading the power of protection for people throughout the region.

At that time, any devils or ghosts that came and disturbs human beings would hardly avoid the punishment of these two gods. Therefore, the devils and ghosts were very scared of the two gods, they were scared of even the peach tree. By the end of the year, like other gods, the two gods Tra and Uat Luy had to go to heaven to meet the Jade Emperor. In order to prevent the devils and the ghosts from disturbing in a few New Year days when 2 gods were absent in the world, the people went to break the peach blossom branches and put them into the jars on the altars. When seeing the peach blossom branches, the devils and the ghosts were scared and did not dare to approach. This news spread throughout North Vietnam. Since then, in order to be assured of celebrating the New Year, before the New Year, Northern people have done the same as the above way.

Legend of Peach Blossom

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