Sau Tia plump wine

Mekong Delta is full of fruit orchards with high-quality fruits. Local people have created many fruit wine recipes such as Grape wine, Myrtle wine – a specialty of Phu Quoc Island, Malpighia glabra wine, Musa balbisiana wine – a specialty of Ben Tre province, Sau Tia plump wine – a specialty of Can Tho city which are favorite of many people. Made from An Phuoc plump, Sau Tia plump wine (Ruou man Sau Tia) is famous around the country for its nice taste and fragrant. It is very good for the health so that it is a great gift to family members and friends.

In 2006, Mr. Nguyen Phu Tia who lives in Tan Loc Island, Thot Not district, Can Tho city created an exclusive plump wine recipe after researching for 6 years. Since then, the plump wine has been spread across the country and the world. It has played an important part in marketing Can Tho unique cuisine as well as Can Tho travel. He is usually called Sau Tia so that the wine is named after his nickname.

Sau Tia Plump Wine

An Phuoc ripe plump is the key ingredient of Sau Tia plump wine. This kind of plump has bright brown-red skin, soft and juicy green white flesh, some tiny seeds, gently smelling, and good flavor. It makes Sau Tia wine distinctively tasty and smelling. Mr. Sau Tia  has a secret recipe to make this famous wine.  According to Mr. Sau Tia, choosing good An Phuoc plumps to make the wine is very important to have good plump wine. Ruou man Sau Tia is produced manually by distillation of liquid mixture of plump, water, yeast. There is no use of any alcohol or condiment. Especially, the longer the wine is stored, the better it is. Frozen Sau Tia plump wine tastes better.

One of the highlights of Sau Tia plump wine is that it does not cause tire, headache or giddiness like most of the wine. It is good for digestion and makes drinkers refreshing. There is no good than sipping some Sau Tia plump wine while enjoying flavorful specialty foods in Can Tho

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