Scorpion in Bay Nui

Coming to Bay Nui region in An Giang province, travelers have a big chance to see beautiful sights but also enjoy specialty foods including impressive and exclusive scorpion dishes.

Bay Nui (That Son) is a region of 7 famous mountains in Tri Ton district and Tinh Bien district, An Giang province (in Vietnamese, “Bay” means seven, “Nui” means mountains). Scorpion caught in these mountains is a specialty food of the Bay Nui region as well as the entire An Giang province. Bay Nui scorpions are black, as small as crickets. In this region, local people are not scared of this species but use as good medicine or delicious and healthy food.

To catch scorpions with firm flesh and big pincers which are suitable to cook tasty dishes, locals climb up the mountains with hoes, buckets, tongs, and catch scorpions hidden under rocks. Experienced scorpion catchers know exactly the rocks under which there are scorpions.

From scorpions, local people cook a lot of outstanding dishes such as Fried scorpion, Toasted scorpion with salt, a Grilled scorpion on a skewer, Stir-fried scorpion with lemongrass and chili, Fried young scorpion, Stir-fried noodles with a scorpion, the Fried scorpion with butter, etc. Some people soak scorpion in wine to make Scorpion wine which can treat backache, body aches, and joint pain.

The simplest way to cook scorpion is frying. After catching scorpions. they leave them for a few days so that the scorpion stomach is empty. After washing, the scorpions are fried in oil or fat until crispy and smell. Fried scorpion is served hot with herbs, tomato, cucumber, coriander and dipped in a mixture of salt, ground black pepper, lime juice. The skin of the fried scorpion is extremely crispy and the inner part is greasy.

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