Seven-Mountain Ox Racing Festival

Seven-Mountain Ox Racing Festival in Seven-Mountain area, An Giang Province is a festival of Khmer people in Mekong Delta. It is the festival containing folk color and is unique sport. The racing ox kind in the Festival is Seven-Mountain ox kind. Seven-Mountain Ox Racing Festival is organized the same time as Sen Dolta Festival (from 29th August to 1st September of the lunar calendar).

To prepare for the ox racing, people choose a rice paddy with the length of 200m, the width of 100m having a little water. Departure is pitched 2 flags, blue one, and one red. They are two km apart. The destination is, too. Each ox pair is fastened with a special rake. The rake is a piece of wood with the width of 30 cm and the length of 90cm having bake teeth beneath the bake. The ox controlling person holds a xa-lul stick with the length of 60cm having a nail at the top. When the referee orders to start, the controlling person uses the stick to sting strongly into ox rears strongly.   The oxen hurt and rush fast toward the front. Importantly, the controlling person has to sting two oxen in balance. That help ox pair run fast.

Seven-Mountain Ox Racing Festival

Early morning, many people are present at ox racing site. Some bodies who are tens of kilometers far bring pots, fish souse and salt to cook in order to watch the race completely. The watching place is not fussy such as football, horse racing or some other sports, only standing on the bank of a rice paddy is enough. During the race, the atmosphere is always exciting and interesting. The claps and shouts are resounding all the area.

Coming to An Giang in late August, do not forget Seven-Mountain Ox Racing Festival. It is one of the most famous folk festivals in Mekong Delta.

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