Sweet Soup Stall in Hue

I visited Thien Mu pagoda in the summer when the weather in Hue was hot. It was a good choice to stop at the food stall near the park under green trees for a rest. An old woman in Vietnamese traditional Ao Ba Ba asked us which we would like to order in English. She was one of the kindest and funniest owners I’ve ever met in Vietnam. She served all kinds of drinks from soft drinks to coffee, from mineral water to coconut water. She also had a wide range of Vietnamese Sweet Soups cooked from different beans, lotus seeds, jelly and coconut creme… The ingredients will be added into a glass at customer’s wish with ice. The sweet soup was not very great but  we ate these sweet soups until the glass was empty. She will ask you to buy some souvenirs such as hand-made fans, brocade purses and others. The price was cheap so that we got some. We left the stall with  a warm goodbye of the Hue woman who should retire but had to work for living. It was about Vietnamese person who was indigenous, kind and always happy although the life was still hard. It has been a beautiful memory in Vietnam and I just would like to share to all of you.


The food stall named as Ba Be under lush green trees


The funny owner of the stall


Pots of Vietnamese Sweet Soup

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