Symbols of Vietnamese beauty

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty are the typical images representing the entire nation. In addition, Vietnam’s symbols has diverse forms. Almost Vietnamese symbols originate from traditional clothes, flower,…

1. Ao Dai

Vietnamese Ao Dai

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty – Ao Dai

Generally, Ao Dai – the symbol of Vietnamese beauty has existed in Viet Nam country for along time. Although there are many changes, the Ao dai remains its main form. It increases the beauty of Vietnamese women. Ao Dai has 2 parts: the top – a long dress with 2 flaps, long sleeves and high colar and the bottom – large leg pants. Ao Dai is usually made from silk so that it looks willowy. Wearing the Ao dai, they look politer and more graceful. The Ao dai is the symbol of  Vietnamese women. It is recognized to be the world ‘s cultural heritage by UNESCO. Ao dai is worn in festivals, in weddings, in diplomacy, in tourism, in high schools, at universities and offices.

2. Ao Ba Ba

Vietnamese Silk Pajama Ao Ba Ba 2

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty – Ao ba ba

Ao Ba Ba symbolizes the gentle beauty and soul of Vietnamese people. The image of these pajamas makes people think about ingenious women in Vietnam’s countryside. What such a peaceful scene of locals wearing Ao Ba Ba, conical hats and checkered scarf working on paddy fields. Nowadays, although Vietnamese people don’t wear Ao Ba Ba on normal days, we still wear them at traditional festivals and teach our children about this beautiful part of Vietnamese culture. It has been said that Ao Ba Ba originated in Malaysia, brought to Mekong Delta by a hawker and has become more and more popular in South Vietnam. Ao Ba Ba is set of a shirt and a pair of pants made from silk.  The silk shirt has long sleeves, button-down collar, scooped neck and 2 rectangle pockets. The back flap is a piece of cloth and the front flap consists of two pieces. In the middle of the front flap, there is a line of buttons running from top to bottom. Ao Ba Ba shirt is wide at the waist, it covers the buttock and splits at two sides of the waist. The front flap has two big pockets that are used to carry small items such as plain tobacco, matches, money…

3. Conical Hat

Conical Hat Or Non La In Vietnam

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty – Non la

Up to now, the exact origin of Non La is still a mystery and no one seems to know for sure. However, it has been said that Non La was carved on Ngoc Lu bronze drums dating 2500 – 3000 years ago. It indicates that Non La had been already popular during this period, and perhaps even earlier. Vietnamese people’s ancestors has created the unique Non La which not only beautiful but also useful. Conical hat protects people from rain and sunlight. The image of Non La has been in hearts of Vietnamese people. Any Vietnamese people far from their country seeing Non La also miss home. Reminding Non La, people remember the image of a farmer old man in Non La ploughing on a paddy field. People remember the image of women in Non La bending the back transplanting rice. Sometimes, they sit on the bank fanning themselves cool or use Non La to ladle water to wash the faces.

Non La has a conical shape and that’s the reason why we call it Conical Hat. The diameter of bottom surface is 40cm and the height is 20cm. The outside part of the hat is made from bamboo palm leaves which is arranged continuously. Inside part of Non La is 16 small bamboo circles arranged from large to narrow with equal distance. To have a nice hat, the craft man has to lose a lot of labor.

4. Lotus

Hundred Petal Lotus At Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty – Hoa sen

In Vietnam, a famous folk poems say that “There’s nothing more beautiful than lotus in the pond. Green leaves, white flower, yellow pistil. Yellow pistil, white flower, green leaves. Growing in stinking mud, lotus still smells good”. In Vietnamese people’s opinion, lotus symbolizes the purity, beauty, elegance, serenity, commitment and optimism of the future. Lotus symbolizes for soul and mind of Vietnamese people which is always bright, pure and strong. This flower has become the national flower of Vietnam. The image of lotus has been used in many designs expressing the love to the country and Vietnamese people.

Tourists Love Lotus At Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Ho Thi Ky flower market

Symbols of Vietnamese beauty

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