Tan Phong Islet in Mekong Delta

Tan Phong Island in Tien River is administrated by Tan Phong commune, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province. Tan Phong Island was formerly Cu Island under Dinh Vien district and composed by 6 beautiful islands with a total area of 2,430 ha. With its alluvial and freshwater during the year, Tan Phong retains the convenient position in the gardening economic development and fisheries. The island is the specialized cultivation of fruit trees and also one of the famous eco-tourism attractions in Tien Giang province. On annual holiday, thousands of domestic and inbound tourists converge in Tan Phong Island to entertain. There are various things to do on the island: bathing, tasting specialty foods, plugging fruits, rowing sampan, etc.

From the island, you can hear the sounds from noisy and busy Cai Be floating market every early morning. You can also hear the sound of boats flickering on the river, the cries from street food shoulder poles selling abundant of fruits and specialty foods. Fruit orchards of rambutan, pomelo, longan, jackfruit or durian cover the majority of the area on the island. Houses built from water coconut leaf, coconut wood, bamboo are hidden in lush gardens. A system of zig zag narrow canals run through the island. Nature and human seem to blend into each other. These are typical cultural characteristics of Mekong Delta which attract tourists to visit this island.

Tan Phong Island is well-known for rice snails. The snails here is usually big with the turquoise shells thanks to the alluvial sand. Around April and May on the lunar calendar, the basin of Tan Phong Island is crowded with snail-catching boats. In this season, tourists also have a chance to taste delicious dishes from baby clams which flesh is tender and a little chewy. Bathing on the island, try to catch rice snail and enjoy snail and baby clam dishes will definitely leave unforgettable impressions on your Mekong Delta trip.

The best method of cooking rice snail is boiling. The yellow, greasy, sweet-tasty and crunchy boiled snails are dipped in sweet, sour and hot fish sauce dip made from lime, sugar, fish sauce, ginger, chili pepper. Ginger makes your stomach warm and removes the odor of the snails.

Boiled snail meat is used to cook porridge with green onions, ground black pepper, and ginger. The porridge with snail is very comfortable, healthy and flavorful. Other difficult rice snail recipes cooked by Tan Phong people are Stir-fried rice snail with garlic and fat, Stewed rice snail in coconut water,  Roasted rice snail with butter. These snail dishes and wine go well together. Sipping some wine while eating snails is one of the most favorite things to do on this island. Tourists can feel the hospitality of local people through these specialty foods.

Tan Phong Island has been attractive to travelers for a long time thanks to beautiful sights and unique culture. This ecotourism attraction is must-visit  in Mekong Delta

Tan Phong Islet in Mekong Delta

Local market at Tan Phong Islet

An local girl is singing a folk song at Tan Phong Islet

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