The origin and the meaning of the Li Xi custom on the Lunar New Year

The countries which are the same culture as Chinese, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam has the li xi custom on the lunar new year.

“Li Xi” means giving lucky money to others. Perhaps we also need to understand the li xi custom on the lunar new year.

First, we talk about the origin of the custom. The custom came from China and have a long time ago. Following a legend, there was a devil usually appearing on the new year’s eve. He liked rubbing children’s heads while they were having a good sleep. That made them wake up suddenly and cry loudly. The day after the children had a headache and a high fever. That made their parents too scared to sleep.

There was a pair of marriage over fifty years gives birth to a son. On that lunar new year, there were eight fairies transforming into eight coins which were beside a child both day and night. After the child had a good sleep. The pair packed the coins with a red paper and put into the pillow, then went to bed.  At the midnight the devils appeared and had the intention to rub the child’s head, the coins were bright. That made them scared and went away.

The pair was glad to tell everybody. Finding the coins packed with the red envelope could dry away devils, help children be healthy, every time the lunar new year came, people put coins into a red envelope to give to children. That has gradually become the li xi Custom on the lunar new year. Today there are not coins people use paper money instead. The meaning does not stop in preventing devils.

Next, we talk about the meaning of the li xi custom on the lunar new year. Li xi envelop shows secretion and politeness. Li Xi envelop has a red color which contains good meaning. li xi money is the symbol of good luck.

On the new year days, Grandparents li xi to grandchildren, Children li xi to parents, visitors li xi to children of the host.

Li Xi action shows love, good luck coming to receivers. This made the love more and more closely.

Generally, the li xi custom on the lunar new year is a good one. It has the positive effect on human life. The money is little or much is not important, but mainly meaning.

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