Top 10 lightweight and portable souvenir ideas in Vietnam

Vietnam, with perfect beaches, famous caves, world heritage sites, beautiful architectural sites, and amazing foods, has attracted millions of international tourists every year. Most of the souvenirs from Vietnam are not too expensive and made dedicatedly. At famous markets for tourists and souvenir shops, you can find thousands of great items to bring home and gift your friends. Have you ever travelled with heavy or bulky luggage? Do you travel Vietnam for weeks and you must bring lots of things in your suitcase? Here are the Top lightweight souvenir ideas in Vietnam and I hope you can buy many favorite items in the country.

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Silk scarfs

Silk scarfs are extremely light and relatively elegant so that they will be nice accessories for yourself or a good gifts for your family and friends. In Vietnam, you can buy hand made silk at silk shops, souvenir shops, at markets, shopping centers, and silk villages. Prices of silk scarfs cost from VND 100,000.

Silk scarfs in Vietnam.

Ao Dai fabric

Ao Dai fabric is rather lightweight and it will be a memorable souvenir. If you let them to make an Ao Dai dress for you, it will be great. It is not difficult to pack the dress.

Bamboo dragonflies

These tiny wooden dragonflies which are decorated colorfully will be cheap, fun and nice souvenirs from the S-shaped country. A bamboo dragonfly costs from VND 10,000.

bamboo dragonflies

Bamboo dragonflies. Image:

Dong Ho paintings

Dong Ho paintings are known as the soul of Vietnam for many years. They are made from “Do” paper and ink made from natural materials. Just roll the painting and put it in your suitcase.

Dong Ho paintings

Dong Ho paintings.

Painted hand fan

A hand fan is very useful because it can help to cool you down when it is hot in Vietnam. Beautiful painted hand fans, which are made from paper or fabric, can be used to decorate rooms and offices. Simply close a folding fan, then pack it in your suitcase or put it in your bag when you join a tour. Prices of painted hand fans are from VND 20,000.


Nice magnets with elegant Vietnamese people in Ao Dai dresses, peaceful Vietnam’s countryside landscapes, Vietnam’s tourist attractions are good choices at souvenir shops in Vietnam. Prices of magnets are relatively cheap, from VND 10,000.

Small statues

Small statues such as statues of Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai, bride and groom statues are made from wood, ceramic, stone, etc. Prices of small statues are not expensive, they cost from VND 20,000.

Key chains

It is a big miss if I do not recommend key chains as lightweight and portable souvenir ideas in Vietnam. They are really perfect things to buy. A keychain souvenir costs from VND 10,000.

Magnets, keychains and small statues in Vietnam.

3D pop up card

You will fall in love with different kinds of 3D pop up cards made in Vietnam. A small card costs VND 30,000, bigger cards cost up to VND 150,000.

Ben Thanh Market 3D pop up card.

Ben Thanh Market 3D pop up card.

Brocade or embroidery wallets

Brocade or embroidery wallets cost from VND 50,000. There are lots of colors, patterns and materials for your choice.



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