Top things to see in An Giang

Top things to see in An Giang

There are various tourist attractions to see and activities to do in An Giang province, Vietnam. Exploring the highest mountain in South Vietnam – Sam Mountain with a lot of mysterious pagodas is one of the most interesting activities in Chau Doc. You also have a chance to learn more about Cham Community, a battlefield from the American War and the scene of a Khmer Rouge massacre. You can take very nice photos and have a great time when visiting Tra Su bird sanctuary, Tuc Dup Hill, Ba Chuc village, Chau Doc floating market, Con Tien Island… If you drive along Highway 91, you can see incense factories and sticks are spread out in a photogenic circle on the roadside. Chau Doc is worth visiting and most tourists usually stay there for 2-3 days, not only enjoy beautiful landscape but also immerse into unique local life. Followings are Top things to see in An Giang that anyone planning his trip to An Giang, Vietnam should know about.

1. Sam Mountain


The arid, brooding Sam Mountain is the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta which rises dramatically from a large area of paddy fields. On the way to the mountain, you can see the fantastic sights of rice fields along the road and stop for visiting a small Khmer village. Around the mountain, there are many historic remains deeply loved by the inhabitants of South Vietnam are located. Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tao Ngo Garden, and Bach Van Hill aren’t far from Sam Mountain and they are worth visiting. You can take a full day to explore Sam Mountain and attractions around it.

If you walk up on the mountain side, you will have a chance to see the local daily life of people living on Sam mountain. There are dozens of pagodas and temples, many of them set in caves, around Sam Mountain. It’s totally interesting to climb Sam mountain and explore dozens of pagodas and temples, many of them set in caves. From the top of the 230m-high mountain, you will have a great view of the surrounding countryside. Especially, in the rainy season, the sight is particularly spectacular with lush rice paddies and waterways. In addition, from the tiny military outpost, you can look over Cambodia on one side and Chau Doc on the other.

2. Ba Chua Xu Temple


Located in Vinh Te village at Sam Mountain’s foot and built in 1972, Ba Chua Xu Temple is the place where  Ba Chua Xu (Holy Mother of the Realm) is worshipped. She is considered as the tutelary of health, business,  and the Vietnamese border’s protector of the. It’s said that her stone statue has been found on Sam mountain’s slopes in the early nineteenth century and there are many mysterious stories about her.

Entering the temple, you will see Ba Chua Xu with a very kind face, colorful gown and headdress sitting in a marbled chamber. She will be bathed and dressed ceremonially at Ba Chua Xu festival from 23rd to 25th April. If you come to visit the temple these days, there are several interesting things to see and learn about.

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3. Tay An Pagoda


Located about fifty meters east of Ba Chua Xu Temple, 1847-built Tay An Pagoda. An interesting scene you can see is that bird sellers and incense-stick vendors sitting in front of the pagoda. Locals usually buy birds to release, show their love for animals, say a prayer and wish someone good luck for the future. Shaven-headed Quan Am Thi Kinh and two elephants, one white, one black are guards of the pagoda. There are over two hundred gaudy statues, including statues of Buddhas, deities and an honored monk sitting at highly varnished tables in the rear chamber.

4. Chua Hang


Located about 1 km far from Ba Chua Xu Temple and built over 100 years ago by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tho, Chua Hang (Cave Pagoda) is one of the most popular attractions which is located one the base of Sam Mountain. Chua Hang is famous for its great view, beautiful sights, delicate architecture, statues of Budha, Guanyin…, green trees and colorful flowers.

5. Tra Su Bird Sanctuary


Located about 23km from Chau Doc city, Tra Su bird sanctuary consists of protected wetlands and forest of cajuput trees good condition for many species of wild animals, including 70 species of birds (water cocks, egrets, storks, cormorants and peafowl…) You can spend a half day to experience Tra Su by hop onto a boat through a maze of canals and with moss-shrouded trees, lotus, fern and lily pads and walk in forests to enjoy fresh air, see wild animals and listen to bird song.

6. Tuc Dup Hill

tuc-dup-hill-in-chau-doc Top things to see in Chau Doc

Located about 44 km southwest of Sam Mountain, Tuc Dup Hill has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in An Giang province for over 10 years. Coming to there, visitors will be surprised at the amazing landscape of a 300-meter hill with beautiful falls and lots of high and dangerous and sheer rocks which create many caves. Tuc Dup plays an important part during the French and American wars for its dangerous terrain. America had spent over 2 million US Dollars to dislodge the Viet Cong from its slopes there so that the hill is also called “2 million dollar hill”. Nowadays, the Vietnam government has to turn Tuc Dup into a tourist resort by setting lights on narrow ways into caves and opening a small museum, lots of games, restaurants and hotels.


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7. Ba Chuc

ba-chuc-in-chau-doc Top things to see in Chau Doc

The Ba Chuc massacre is a war crime killing of 3157 civilians from 18 to 30 April 1978. In the late 1970s, Khmer refugees fleeing Pol Pot’s Cambodia boosted the population here. Khmer Rouge pursued them and this was ended in numerous indiscriminate massacres. Many victims ran to Phi Lai Pagoda to hide from Pol Pot but they were still killed there. In 1979, An Giang government built a system of the massacre’s evidence, including Nha Mo (Tombs) consisting of 1159 skulls, Ba Chuc Memorial paying homage to 3157 villagers massacred. Ba Chuc is 38 km far from Chau Doc city and worth visiting to learn more about Vietnamese history. Although Tra Su, Tup Duc and Ba Chuc aren’t place for hurrying, these attractions can be covered in a full day’s travelling.

8. Con Tien Island And Chau Giang District

fish-farm-in-con-tien-an-giang Top things to see in An Giang

Most tourists visit Con Tien Island and Chau Giang District on a half-day tour. There are fish farm houses which float on the river next to Con Tien. Locals feed and grow fishes in over 1000 cubic metres cages that will make you open your eyes.

cham-village-in-chau-giang-an-giang Top things to see in An Giang

Hopping on a ferry from a jetty south of the tourist jetty on Le Loi Street, you will visit a Cham community and discover pretty white minaret of the Mubarak Mosque, twin domes, sarongs, kampung-style wooden houses and white prayer caps that betray the influence of Islam…

9. Chau Doc Floating Market

chau-doc-floating-market Top things to see in Chau Doc

If you haven’t visit any floating market in Mekong Delta, Chau Doc floating market is a good choice to learn more about how people sell and buy products, foods and drinks on rivers. Although this floating market was only established recently, you will find out a wide range of strange things you haven’t seen before and how sellers friendly is.

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