Van Village Wine in Bac Giang, North Vietnam

Van Village Wine (Vietnamese: Rượu Làng Vân) is a kind of wine oldest and most famous in North Vietnam. It was born in Van Village (Yen Vien Hamlet), Van Ha Commune, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang Province.

In the past, because the village lacked rice, the wine was made of cassava, but now it was made with golden flowder glutinous rice (Vietnamese: nep cai hoa vang. It is a kind of sticky rice famous in North Vietnam. This rice kind has big, round, fragrant and plastic seed). The character of Van Village Wine is pure water, mellow taste, and fragrant smell. It has conquered the most difficult guests.

According to ancient books, the ancestor of Van Village Wine cooking occupation was Lady Nghi Dinh who brought it back to Vietnam from China. Since the village has taken from the rule: every the fourth of the Lunar New Year, each family has one person going to Roc pagoda to drink blood wearing to preserve the way cooking wine not to hand down the people outside the village, even the daughters.

A long time ago, Van Village Wine was offered to Kings or Lords and was usually used in the feasts in the palaces. King Le Hy Tong conferred Van Village Wine 4 beautiful words: “Vân Hương Mỹ Tửu” (Van Village famous delicious wine) in 1703. In the French colonial period, French in Vietnam liked Van Village Wine so much. In 1932, Mr. Berna, a French capitalist established modern wine firm with 140 cook stoves and 300 million skilled works. It produced the wine kind with grand: “Vân Hương Mỹ Tửu” and logo: the old man has snowy beard and hair, the back wears a wine gourd and the hand holds a bamboo stick, the other hand points the cloud.

At present, In order to expand the market and develop Van Village Wine brand, local authorities are calling on outside investors to develop production. Along with that is improving the quality of food hygiene and safety, compliance with business activities of the State … Currently, 3 hectares have been planned to make Van village wine factory, with the initial capital of more than 3 billion investment in road construction, leveling, embankment. In addition, the system uses a high-rise tower to clean alcohol according to the standards of Vietnam Academy of Science designed by Polytechnic University, the capacity is about 60 thousand liters/month.

In market mechanism at present, the competition becomes intense and Lang Van wine is not outside that tornado. However, with the famous brand and confirmed quality, Lang Van wine remains a steady position in domestic and foreign markets. Van Village Wine is a kind of wine oldest and most famous in North Vietnam. If you have a chance to travel to Bac Giang Province, do not forget to visit the native land of Van Village Wine –  Van Village (Yen Vien Hamlet), Van Ha Commune, Viet Yen District, Bac Giang province.

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