Vietnamese sand paintings

Sand paintings have been popular around the world for a long long time. Artists in different countries have used colorful sand to create many kinds of wonderful paintings. It has been said that Mrs. Y Lan who lives in Saigon found Vietnamese sand paintings in 1997. On a trip to Binh Thuan province where there are many sand dunes, Mrs. Y Lan had an idea to make paintings by sand. She chose clean and good-looking sand from different places and poured them into glass vase. Beautiful different layers of sand in the glass vases has become her passion. She realized that she could dye sand and use dyed sand to make colorful picture. Y Lan has used wine glasses, drinking glasses, vases of different shapes and finally glass frames specially made for sand painting.  With a coffee spoon, this skillful and patient woman has created more and more sand paintings and teach many Vietnamese artists to make this kind of paintings. One of highlights of Vietnamese sand painting is that there’s no need any glue to keep colorful sand fragments stick together.

Vietnamese sand paintings

Vietnamese sand paintings

Sand painting drawn by pouring colorful sand into glassware to make beautiful pictures is one of the most favorite souvenirs to buy in Vietnam. There is a wide range of  topics for travelers’s choice: Vietnam’s beautiful landscape (peaceful Vietnam’s countryside, green and yellow paddy fields, lake of lotus…), Vietnamese people (indigenous women in Ao Ba Ba in countryside,  Vietnamese girls in Ao Dai, children riding buffalo…), Vietnamese calligraphy. Customers can order sand paintings meeting their expectation. It takes one hour to draw a simple sand painting, but some days to draw complex and big sand painting.

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