What To Buy In Mekong Delta?

Are you going to the beautiful and peaceful Mekong Delta? Are you wondering what to buy in Mekong Delta? It’s not a lack of things for you to buy in a region with a rich culture and cuisine. Mekong Delta is the hometown of talented and skillful people who can make unique handicrafts and foods which can be brought abroad to gift to your family and friends. Here are

1. Coconut candy (Keo dua)

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Coconut candy is produced most in Ben Tre province which is considered as the “kingdom of coconut”. Coconut trees are everywhere in Ben Tre and there are many coconut candy factories in this town. The main ingredients of coconut candy are coconut milk and cream which are cooked in a big pot with maltose for about 30 minutes. Then the mixture is cut into pieces and wrapped. They also add peanuts, durian, pandan leaves and cashew to make the candy tastier and enormous such as. Some famous brands of Coconut candy are Hai To, Thanh Long and Tuyet Phung. I believe your gifted person would love this candy.

2. Banana candy (Keo chuoi)

Vietnamese Banana Chewy Candy - what to buy in mekong delta

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The chewy and sweet banana candy will win your heart at the first time. The main ingredient of Keo chuoi is a large banana which is very popular in Mekong Delta. The peanuts and shredded ginger make the candy more flavorful and healthy. The recipe to make banana candy is similar to coconut candy. What’s better than eating banana candy while drinking green tea and talk about everything around the world? Banana candy is also a popular sweet food at the Tet festival in Mekong Delta.

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3. Sticky rice cake with coconut milk (Banh phong dua)

Sticky rice cake with coconut milk originated in Ben Tre province. This cake is made from coconut milk, rice powder, tapioca powder, sugar, sesame, mung bean, pandan leaves and durian. All ingredients are used to make a mixture and flow it quickly over a pot with water inside and covered by a thin cloth to make a very thin cake. The cook must be very skillful to make this kind of cake. The cake is ready after being sun-dried for about 4 days.

Casava Pancake - what to buy in mekong delta

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I would like to describe steps to make Banh phong dua because it’s worth my word. Actually it’s a complex recipe and it would be a big miss if you don’t taste this food when you come to Mekong Delta. The sticky rice cake with coconut milk is sweet, rich, soft, smelling and impressive.

4. Vinh Kim dried shrimp

Dried Shrimp At A Market In Vietnam Tracy - what to buy in mekong delta

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Vinh Kim – hamlet in Tra Vinh province of Mekong Delta is famous for dried shrimp. This product is made from shrimp living in the rivers, lakes and rice fields in Vinh Kim. After being clean, shrimps are sun-dried and become a delicious food or ingredients of many recipes. Mekong Delta people eat dried shrimp with steamed rice or use it to cook soup with pumpkin, zucchini, greens. Men prefer eating this tasty food while drinking wine and beer. It’s one the most delicious and special to bring home from Vietnam.

5. Pia cake

Vietnamese Pia Cake - what to buy in mekong delta

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Pia cake is a specialty food of Soc Trang province and it has won the hearts of most Vietnamese people and foreigners for its great taste. Pia cake is sweet and tender enough to make you eat more and more. The best way to enjoy this cake is eating while drinking green tea. Pia cake’s crust is made from wheat flour and egg. The filling is made from mung bean paste, coconut cream, salted duck egg and other ingredients that help the cake tastier such as durian, taro and pandan leaves…

Mekong Delta is often referred to as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam due to its huge production of rice crops. Vegetables, exotic fruits and fishing also feature prominently here. Life in the delta revolves around the river, and as such this is the only real way to view and understand it. Why not try our Private Mekong Delta Tour?


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