What to do at Ben Thanh market?

What to do at Ben Thanh market?

There is no doubt that Ben Thanh market is a must-see attraction in Ho Chi Minh City. The market was built from 1912 to 1914. The old market with beautiful architecture and unique culture has become the icon of the city for many years. The market is not only a normal market where people sell and buy items but also a historic site. The market is always in the hearts of any Saigon people and visitors. A trip to Ho Chi Minh City could not be considered complete if you miss this sight. What to do at Ben Thanh market? The answer is there are dozens of things to do there.

1. See the beautiful architecture

What to do at Ben Thanh market?

Ben Thanh market is a beautiful and exotic mix of French and Vietnamese architecture. The market consists of 4 main entrances and 12 gates. The South main entrance looks over Quach Thi Trang square and recognized easily by the 3-faced clock tower. Most of the people take the best photos of Ben Thanh market at this gate. The North main entrance is on Le Thanh Ton Street, the East main entrance is on Phan Boi Chau Street, and the West main entrance is on Phan Chu Trinh Street.

2. Learn more about Saigon life

Just wander the market, see how they sell and buy things, you will immerse yourself into local life. You can also see many tourists including Vietnamese tourists and foreign tourists visiting the market. The market is always crowded, busy, and noisy. There are 1,437 stores with thousands of things to sell and buy. Be careful because you can be lost. Do not miss seeing fresh animals, seafood, vegetables, and fruits there although you will not buy any of them.

3. Buy souvenirs

What to do at Ben Thanh market?

Ben Thanh market is one of the best places to go shopping in Saigon. They sell everything for tourists from watches, clothes to dried fruits, souvenirs. I would like to recommend to buy souvenirs in this market because there are many choices, prices are reasonable (do not forget to bargain, ask for at least 50% less), high quality.

4. Eat Vietnamese foods

What to do at Ben Thanh market?

In most of the Vietnamese markets, including Ben Thanh market, they sell local foods. Do not hesitate to sit on a chair in order to take a rest, enjoy yummy Vietnamese foods and drinks. I would like to recommend to eat Rice noodle soup with fermented fish and Vietnamese sweet soup.

A Saigon food tour in Ben Thanh day market

Top Dishes at Ben Thanh Market

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